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New Animal Welfare Organization Answered


     Hello, I would like to share a concept I have been initiating for the past few weeks. I am seriously considering starting a new international organization website for the welfare of animals. Targets of interest would be adoptions, animal abuse petitions, awareness of social and domestic problems, and more. The main aspect of this organization will a website dedicated to spreading news about related topics to the world.

     This would be a nonprofit NMI (no money involved) organization, and I am already aware of the legal steps necessary to start a charity of this kind. 

     Furthermore, I would like to hear popular opinion on the following points;

-Name: The name would be AnActs. "An" is short for both "ANimal" and the word "an" itself.

-Motto: "Animal Acts of kindness go a long way."

-Growth: AnActs would start as a local organization, based in Ohio, and we would hopefully spread around the world with the creation of our website.

-Staffing: We would need a full-time staff of moderators for the website, volunteering with the incentive of service hours and professional skills.

-Real-life contributions: AnActs would be involved in rescue and biological services both in domestic and natural domains.

     If you could give your opinion on any or all of the above points, or anything else in general about the proposed "AnActs," it would be deeply appreciated. Also, if you are interested on being involved in the initiation of this organization, feel free to contact me via Private Message-but be aware, this is in the VERY early stages of development. 

     If you want to see the test community, see the recently started AnActs community on Google Plus. We are already gaining members! If you have a Google Plus account, feel free to join and share!

     I (Nerfrocketeer) have large amounts of experience both in starting NMI organizations (the NK3AE) as well as working in Nature. I am NOT, however, a professional in any field relating to animals.

I would really appreciate your input.


What would your organisation do/offer that others do not?

You risk diluting the efficacy of donations if you are duplicating the activities of other groups - it might be a more effective step towards your ultimate goal if you joined an existing group and put your efforts into that.

(Also, the name sounds like you are arranging for animals to perform acts of kindsness...)

Hi Kiteman, thank you very much for responding!

This group is a "no money involved" organization. We don't need or ask for donations, as our primary purpose is to be publicizing agents for animal rights related information around the world. As far as I have seen/checked, there are only a few places on the web that are doing the same thing for this pinpointed purpose. Our special difference is that we spread the word FOR the user, while others give the user the option. We also have connections and administrators who put their all into helping. For example, one of our moderators is planning a research video on the effects of leaving pets in a hot car. They are going to spread this video around many different places.

Your point about the name makes sense. I think it could be remedied with a simple slogan rearranging. Something like "Acts of Kindness for Animals..." or the like.

I deeply appreciate your input and the fact that you took time from your schedule to respond to this, as an important member of the site. Thank you very much.

P.S., our Google Plus Community gained over 40 members over Saturday and Sunday! I'd say that people are interested! ;P

I think animal welfare groups operate very differently in our respective areas - ours are regularly present in the mainstream media.

I wish you every success in your endeavour.

great idea , make sure to send a link to Dick Goddard and also get a space at the wooly bear feast there is a lot of animal organizations there

Ok, thank you very much for your input! I will definitely look into your suggestion.

Your input is requested. I implore you to respond.