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New Bike? Answered

I've been looking around for a new bike, roadster, the thin ones for road and urban travel? Almost curtain that’s the right label, but what kind, what should I look for, specs, design, weight, color? Help a fella out, I’m new to the bike scene and my old wheels just won’t cut it. Also, what kind of bike does Armstrong use in competition, mainly; tour de France (of course of course)? And if you’d be so kind, what’s YOUR favorite kind of bike? Lastly, best deals on these bikes? ( I’m on a budget people, aren’t we all?)



As Rick Harris has stated ; it depends on what you want it for.

IMHO . . . 

Your description leads me to believe that you are looking for a Hybrid bike
; its not as heavy as a mountain bike and more sturdy than a racer ( hybrid =700c wheels).

I use one; it can take off-road bridle paths and straight touring and commuting (they  come with lugs for racks and mudguards.) They are much lighter and easier work than a full suspension mountain bike.

This is an example of a hybrid http://www.evanscycles.com/products/trek/71-fx-2010-hybrid-bike-ec016501?utm_source=awin&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=awin&promo=Content

I would go for an aluminium frame as it is so much lighter and not much more expensive.
I find Shimano bottom range components adequate (nothing below Tourney though).

I don't know your budget but, if buying new, I wouldn't go below £290.

I always to buy second hand, just check that nothing is loose, especially the bearings between the pedals.

Um . . . Also the tattier you can make it look, the less chance there is of having it stolen ; but whatever get a big D-lock.

Best colour = matt black of course.

Some good makes are- Trek, Kona, Cannondale, Orange, lovely Marin.

Any good bike shop will give you the answers that you need.

Good luck.

fwiw, I bought a Trek 7000 series a couple of years ago @$275 US. Very nice bike and has put on about 1400 miles of casual use. The only thing I've needed to replace was a new rear derailleur, due to a minor accident, and an inner tube (although the tires are beginning to look like I'll need to replace them this spring.

Trek.com, if you meant the addr for their site.

the 700 series is a mid-low end hybrid, very durable. It's not suitable for pure off road but will hold it's own on modest terrain, it's fine for road riding.

Here's a link for pricing online from various online dealers

and here's one for treks "bike path" series. you can find the 7000 series by choosing "hybrid" from the top menu for that series.  I'd visit a shop in your area that offers trek to get a personal look f you're interested, then either buy from them if they're within your budget or choose an online store that is.

nice, very nice. ive got to say, i like what im seeing. deffenatly gata get me one of those. eather that or the other hybrid. gesh man, thanks a ton

Yeah, the other one with the disc brakes? If we're seeing the same thing, lol, yeah, I wish I could have afforded a bit more...But I love my bike nonetheless.

not about the money man, its about the ride, experiances and storys are priceless. cheesy? Mabey, but its true. happy riding all, thanks for the help, guna go get me a new bike

that should have read "7000" series, not 700. I'd delete and resubmit, but I've already closed the browser instances and am not going back to search just because3 Instrucables still fails to provide an edit link.

Much depends on what you intend to use the bike for. Your budget, your future aspirations re cycling.

If I were in this position I would buy/make a recumbent bike,

They are cool, different, easier to ride long distance and carry goods, look different and will raise lots of commentary so you may make new friends.

Failing that try