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New Contest Starting Next Week Answered

We have a couple of great contests running right now with theGet the LED Out! Contest and the newArt of Sound contest and next week we're going to be starting another one. The new contest will be a gardening contest for all you green thumbs out there.

The type of gardening can be anything. From a regular garden to hydroponics or even aeroponics it can all be entered. So if you have anything in mind, get it ready soon.

More details to come next week.


How to combine knex and gardening...

we need a 'how to do magic' instructable contest! It would be awesome! (If we have already had this contest, well... just ignore me.)


9 years ago

Someone should set a cooking contest.

It's time we ran another one! What type would you recommend?

How about a longer BBQ contest? It's coming up to summer after all. Maybe include a part so non-foodies can enter? I'm thinking home made grills, lighting techniques etc..

hell yes. I have an uber tagine recipe I should make an ible on

recipes, methods, bbq grills (misc. contraptions) ? Ironically, the prize could be coupons to Popeyes LOL

I love cake! But I'm sure you know how my panda cake turned out... :P


9 years ago

Ok, cool i am thinking of doing a more weird thing where you could earn money for putting a garden in your lawn.

can we have a summer cooling contest or somthing related with cooling????

Excellent idea. We're in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada,(u know the frozen wasteland lol) and suffering through 90deg. temps. And I'm english, pasty white and blonde, so it's 'orrible. And our power bills for the summer r gonna kill us.

Thanks... i will soon going to put up an instuctable about this..i hope

My very first year of gardening was extremely productive, we always had fresh ingredients for supper. Now the garden is a barren wasteland. Any attempts at revival fail on an epic scale. What's the opposite of green thumb, and is "How to Kill Your Garden" an acceptable entry? :P

The most likely problem is there are no more nutrients in the soil for your plants to feed off of. This is the reason farmers rotate crops (1 field gets corn one year and cotton the next, etc.). Try letting it set for a year with no plants but water it like you normally would. Or try planting in a new place.

And adding plenty of compost! The soil should make good use of those nutrients over a fallow year.

Did you try fertilizer the reason it probably died was that it used up all the nutrients in the dirt. I fertilize my entire garden at least once a year.

I have a selective green thumb LOL I can garden pretty well, but indoor plants die without mercy in my hands no matter HOW careful I am with feeding/watering, etc. I was given a cactus, because the person said it was nearly impossible to water it too little. I rotted within a month *sigh*.

try an air fern, they are small, and only need air around them to occasionally be mixed(like a person walking by just for better air) If you manage to kill one of those, you can always try fake plants... i keep my assorted cactus in a mug alive easily I water it about every Sunday, supposed to water every 7-10 days, cause theres also an Aloe plant in it, but grows right in a mug, with a hole in the bottom. (Wow that wasn't supposed to be a long comment either)

IIRC, aloe is a member of the cactus family.... ;-)

Me too! my cousin gave me 2 from Arizona, it said water a tablespoon a month.... dead.

If you do a literature search you'll see that the terms "bacterial flora" and "bacterial fauna" are used about equally.

Unfortunately you'll have competition, I actually intend to destroy the majority of the garden, to get a clean slate, then hope I know how to make grass grow, so far I'm skilled at propagating dandelions, brambles, thistles, flowering scallions and massive christmas trees.

Hot damn! I have a couple 'Ibles-In-Progress that would be great for this. :)

Will composting count as "Gardening"?
I produce lots of benficial microbes along with the compost and earthworms, but my microherd doesn't macro-photograph very well. (Wait - are microbes even flora, or are they fauna?)

oooh as a long time gardener u definately have my interest.

Thanks :) (Now I have some serious incentive - I'd hate to dissapoint. :)

Yes! Composting is a key part of gardening.

Can the final deadline for this contest be the end of the summer?

I have a variety of mole-removal techniques. :}

Yay! I can enter my aeroponics system in this!

Are you kidding me? Right after I post my hydroponics set up? Argh.

They're following you. QUICK! Post a Keith is awesome ible, and they'll make a Keith Kontest!

Look to the right, at the featured bar. There's the shovel, and right below it is my would-be entry. The irony..

It's a plot, I tell you. A plot! I blame Fungus. But hey, it hasn't launched yet - you'll probably have time to figure out what tweaks it needs.

This is why i stock pile ready written up I'bles, just in case! No green one stocked up atm though.

How about a New and Improved version? :-) (although, how something can be both new & improved, I'll never know )