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New Contest This Week Answered

On Wednesday, a new contest will be starting up. It's an LED contest and the only rule is that the Instructable involves LEDs. Awesome prizes with LEDs in them to be announced later. So start thinking of cool projects right now since we love to see LED projects and this one is open to international entries.


heyy people, anybody knows if the contest is realy international?

CRAP!! I have the perfect project for this but I haven't got the time >_

Man do I know how you feel :-) I think I have a project for this one though.

the entry deadline for this contest probably won't be for 2 or more months.

Make the time! its a good project!

Let's put it this way: I hate moving!!

We have rules against such use of time-space distortion :T

i actually have, just the project... nearing completion...

Pulse Rifle FTW

Photo 67.jpg

Nice, but get some colour on that barrel! it's insofar plain... (maybe a..a...light blue with purple LEDs!) -PKT

Eventually, its going to be black and military green. Im outfitting leds to the barrel atm!

Oh...you...you did NOT just camoize one of your projects. I'd say I love you, but that would be weird. LOL! Sweet! Also, I think it's called OD green, or Olive Drab. -PKT

I hate you. That looks phenomonal. My project is muy horrible.

From the pic, it looks like an NES console inspired gun. That would be retro-punk. It's daylight savings time...spring forward, man...

It's based on the famous m414a pulse rifle from the film Aliens, so its deffo retro sci fi.

you might have to click on the alienspapercraft link on that page and then look for the pulse rifle in model selection...

Been there, downloaded, decided to build my own real version!

Almost looks like an imperial blaster rifle


9 years ago

/hunts for some LEDs

The dude inside the yellow thing- i forget what it's from-used to know.

Zero Punctuation is hillarious! Yahtzee is the coolest Brit I know... -PKT

I am getting a shipment of 200 + from Electronic Gold Mine :-p

Can a single member enter more than one Instructable in the contest?

Grabs 1 pack of 100 LEDs from closet

In the past, the rule has generally been that you can submit as many entries as you want.

The contest says "To enter, the Instructable must involve LEDs". Does that include LED 7 segment displays and LED matrices or are we talking just the single 2-lead indicator jobbies?

I've been waiting for this for a long time.

DANG! I was hoping that the contest would be something with sewing.... But then again *scrambles to find conductive thread*.


9 years ago

Sweet! Now I have another thing to do instead of studying.


9 years ago

No! Too early! I've got to finish my wood clock first! *panic*

*bumps the LED project up on the "stuff to do this summer" list*

YESSSS! I have a couple of ideas... I time lets me I will make more than one... I am delighted that they are repeating the contest!!! Good luck to all and because, like the last one this one is also a speed contest... God Speed!!! :D

YES! I have soooo many more LEDs now!


Got any plans? Mine are located elsewhere in the thread..

I have the plans, I have the parts. Time will definitely be an issue - the half term break is coming, and we're spending it in Cornwall. I just hope the deadlines are in my favour.