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New Features! Answered

We've just released a new version of the site with some noticable changes. The biggest are:

new header layout with customization options
We moved the main menu items up nearer the top to make room for the category exploration tabs in the light orange bar. In the top right, for logged-in members, you'll see a CUSTOMIZE link. Behind that lies the ability to select up to five of your personal favorite links to create your own shortcut menu.

Get notified of your favorite members' activity
On member pages, and on the author info boxes, you'll see a SUBSCRIBE button. Clicking that marks that member as someone you're interested in, and any time they publish or update something, you'll get an email. You can configure how often you get these emails in your You pages - choose Email Alerts. And change your subscriptions there too - choose Subscriptions.

You'll be able to figure these out pretty easily so I won't go into too much detail. There are a couple smaller things too that I'll let you work out on your own.

Got bugs? Let us know .



9 years ago

The "search by" box is gone? (I.E., selectively search comments, instructables, forum, etc.) That was a very useful feature.

I think that Art, Craft, Food, Games, etc., should be changed to white. I mean, black? That's just not how I roll.

Two suggestions: Change You back to our usernames, and make the 4 links next to the logo dropdown buttons again

It took me a little while to get used to You instead of my username, but we have to do it that way for space reasons. With all the new customizable links to the right, lots of people's usernames are too long and the whole layout goes pear-shaped. You still have your user icon so you can tell it's you, and not someone else, logged in. For the dropdown menus, people weren't actually clicking on them too much. You can set your most commonly used items in your customize menu to go directly to your favorite pages.

How about changing "You" to "Me"? Personal, and an even better space-saver.

3 cheers for kiteman for a grand (and also in the ible spirit) idea!

Why don't you just put the username on top of the customizable bar?

I have been having problems (intermittently) with posting to a forum...when I click post comment the orange headers appear in the middle of the posts, or sometimes the page goes blank (white) ... I have to refresh to see if my post actually did post.

You should sticky this topic to the top of recent comments. Some people are missing this. Thanks.

The only thing I don't like is "1 new comment" in your email instead of "new comment from rachel"

Hum that's nice new feature, but I liked the drop down "you" menu with all the things in it...

Any way to get back to the old style "You" page which listed published instructables and recent comments on the same page? It was nice to see activity on all the projects I worked on. Thanks.

We swapped from showing your published instructables on the main You page, to showing your unpublished, as we figured most people went there to continue working on one. But perhaps we are wrong on that... what do other people think? If there's a lot of strong feeling for both, we might have to make it a configurable setting, which group of instructables shows up by default on the You page.

I like being able to straight to my Published projects, partly to track activity, but also partly because I often link to them.

Keep a published link in the custom bit, I've already found it pretty good for purposes like that because I can just right click and open a new tab for it...

The old orangeboard showing the published listing was better as a default with the ability to switch back and forth to unpublished. It is easier to take the extra step when you know you have to work on the unpublished instructable but I too link back and it was easier to find things when it appears by just going "home".

I like it all! Good work, definitely a move forwards. But i still like the idea of a customizable drop down box. Also, under the customize section, can we make it so that a 'user' can put any instructable url in? eg, say if i wanted a direct link to a recent ible of mine, or the chatroom?

That's an interesting suggestion, to be able to put an arbitrary link there... I'll talk it over with the folks here and see what they think.

Cool, the main difference everyone loves is that customize, this would take it to the next level! (ive also planned the next level up from that if you want to hear it)

Bug already, if you add the unpublished link to your bar it links to published page... You can still get to it via the link in the published page though...

I noticed because I was still clicking on it anyway because it says what it is, that's about it so far, I've been through the whole editing process start to finish a few times with no glitches and haven't found any others elsewhere...

:O What happened to my Instructables?!

Picture 33.png

Check the comment I just replied to caitlinsdad. I believe this is the same question. It's true we need to fix the text on that banner, we overlooked that.

thats a little bug, their still there, click on the "view profile" link to see them, the banner should say "start a new instructable" Hope that clears it up :P

Yeah I know they're there, just not on the you page.

thats a little bug, their still there, click on the "view profile" link to see them, the banner should say "start a new instructable" Hope that clears it up :P

Is it possible to see how many people (and who) have subscribed to your own account?

Yes. In the author box to the right of an Instructable (or Forum for that matter) there's a Subscribers tab. That shows the members who are subscribed to the author. It would be nice to have that on the You or Member page too, I think. I'll put it on The List.

I don't like it =( takes some getting used to

Well i love the subscriptions but I was used to the old header

While all this customizing, AND SUBSCRIPTIONS are awesome, I do no like the look and ,layout.....


I made the wallet btw :D


9 years ago

Yay! :D

Wow, I like it. Starting to look like youtube.

Wow! I was very confused in the first place, then I later learned how to use the new layout. I really like it! Thank you instructables team for improving this site!!! :-D

Is there a way to unsubscribe to users?

Yes, you just go to "subscriptions" and you will see a list of things you subscribed to, on each line, there is "remove subscription" or some thing like that.


9 years ago

Sweet. I like the subscribe thing a lot.