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New Idea About Double Mouse Answered

Hi everyone, im'Jack, i've found on the web your double mouse mouse project, it's very cool n interesting what u can do with it ..and it make think about a new idea of double mouse: is it possible use 2 mouse on the same pc? is it possible create a program that control 2 mouse (n their respective 2 arrows) at the same time? i guess u probably r askin' why!? :-) the answer is about the pc music making: with the mouse i can control the automation of the channels (changing for example the filter cutoff, the resonance, ecc ecc) with a 2nd mouse i can control two automation at the same time with the precision of the xy axes and the control of the mouse!!! it will be absolutely great if someone create this thing, it will be a new music instrument that will change dramaticly the workflow of the music making, expecially on the automations! i think you can do that !!! Please answer, n keep up with your great works!! bye!!

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NobodyInParticular (author)2009-07-16

One option for getting multiple mouse cursors in ordinary Windows applications is CPN Mouse. Further instructions can be found here.

If you want a programmer to design something specifically for two mice, you might try the Microsoft MultiPoint Software Development Kit.

Multiple mouse pointers are also available in Linux, using the Multi-Pointer X Server.

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