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New Instructables Shirt Store Now Open! Make a Custom Shirt! Answered

We have a new t-shirt store open! Choose your own design and what kind of shirt you want. It's entirely custom and up to you!

We shut down our Instructables Store a little while ago, but wanted to keep a variety of shirts available without worrying about inventory. So we've created a store on Spreadshirt where you can choose your own design, place it, resize it, and get it made.

Let us know what you think!

Instructables t-shirt store



I am SO buying one!

..when I get money.....



OMG I wish I could have at least one tshirt! they're so cool!

You... get... kind of... excited... don't... you, Keith-Kid?
backs away slowly...

You're kind of scaring me...
continuing to back away slowly

(LOL! You're kind of funny when you're excited:-)

LOL! I was wondering if there was someplace to buy an Instructables Robot t-shirt! But I'm hoping, someday, I can win one of those really awesomely cool prize packs! *sigh* :)

LOL! I'm just kidding! (though you are kind of funny when you're excited!)


10 years ago

Has anyone tried the hand logo yet? I'd love to make a T-shirt, with just a huge hand on the back - as big as it'll go. I'm a bit worried about how crisp the design will be at that size though. Kinda like this:


i've ordered from spreadshirt before and their quality is amazing. i'm sure the hand would look smashing! ;)

The image files are pretty large. That hand is 2660x3000 so you should be fine.

Do they take PayPal?

Goody! I just need to ask my dad if I can steal his identity, then. Do you know why it costs a dollar more to get just the hand than it does to get the full "classic shirt" logo? It seems that it should be less, since it's one less color.

The color doesn't matter since it's a digital print. The pricing was a little off for the classic shirt. I'll fix it.

Yay! I just ordered a T-shirt with the classic design on the front, and "instructables.com" on the back. If anyone needs me, I'll be waiting out by the mailbox.

My shirt is here! It's not as high-quality printing as the Robot shirts I got, but it sure beats iron-on transfers. For anyone doubting the scrupulousness of Spreadshirt, they allowed for very painless payment with PayPal, and sent me a UPS tracking number within 18 hours of payment.

Mom thinks this is a scam because she noticed the billing info went to the Netherlands. I keep telling her that you all are trustworthy, and that the site is part of Instructables. She doesn't believe me. Do you have any explanation?

I thought so, all those Dr. Phill specials have burned a negative image of the internet into my parent's brain. They think everything on the internet is a scam or a pedophile waiting to strike.

lol same with my parents it takes weeks of persuasion to buy something off the internet, i won my shirt so i didn't need their credit cards :D

Spl1nt3rC3ll, we also belong to the Better Business Borough. You can tell you mom to check with them. In addition, we are a global company so yes the financials always go or are coming from somewhere wacky.

Tell your mom to search for a physical address on the company’s website then Google map it and do a cross reference. Scammers do not usually like to be found. In addition, you, (or your mom) can just call Spreadshirt @ 1-800-381-0815 -Jamie, Spreadshirt Care Team Leader

2:55 P.M. here!!!!

...and... how do I put a pic on my site??? thank-you... thank-you!!!!

I would really like to order some of these... I could not make sense of the process. As well... I could not log-in today... The instructables robot BAILED ME OUT INSTANTLY!!!!! INSTANTLY!!!! I thoroughly enjoy this website! Hat's off to all of you!! thank-you!

Got my shirt yesterday, and I noticed the robot's right hand has 3 transparent fingers, so the background color shows through. This is true for the plain robot and the plain robot with "Instructibles" underneath.

Yes, there was a problem with the file for the fingers and that's been fixed for both images. Sorry about that. If you want you can send it back and have new ones made. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you.

*sigh* I am going to have to wait and see how much my heart catheterization and angioplasty is going to set me back before I can order.


10 years ago

Just for curiosity , Any plans for a Robot hoodie?

If you click the "Product" kink you'll see an option for a hoodie. Right now there's only a zip hoodie, but you have the option to put desighs on each side of the hood. I need to think of something that'll look good there.

This is really nice and the designs are wonderful but geeze the prices. I can cope with paying 15 dollars for a shirt with the logo, but honestly. I put the LED image, the instructables logo, and then two small logos on each sleeve and the price jumps to nearly $40. Thats insane. Ah well, too bad i guess. :D

Well, if you cover it with images, then yes. Also, the LED image is printed in a different way that i think is more impressive, but a little more expensive. the cool thing is that you can change the colors of it if you want.

How do I log in I can't find anywhere to put my username just my password and email?


10 years ago

I am so making underpants with the instructables robot on them.

You should totally send us a picture! Or... not.

Hm... underpants with an upside-down LED perhaps? :-D

Or perhaps any variety of female jack for the ladies?

Heh...with body paint, too. Awkward!

I thought killerjackalope had already established that?


For some reason, it won't allow buyers to print the robot on underwear. In the photo below, I'm trying to put the Vampire Robot on a Red String Thong...but alas, no love. Oh well, maybe it's for the best.

Picture 2.jpg

Yeah, that's the same problem I bugged Ed about below.

Essentially, spreadshirts offers two different printing services: "digital printing" (RGB colors, raster-based), and "plot printing" (limited colors, vector-based). The robots are all done with digital printing, whereas the LED is a plot print.

Unfortunately, it seems like digital printing is a bit more picky regarding what items or surfaces can be printed on, so there are quite number of products on which you can't print one of the robots, but you can print the LED.

The solution would be to turn the multi-color robot gif image into a limited color vector-based image, and print it using plot printing instead. Should be more colorfast as well...

Aw man! this won't work with my mac.......... i sent a bug report to apple, so maybe they fixed it!