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New Instructable? Answered

What should be my new instructable related to arduino.Anyone got ideas



Best Answer 6 years ago

Something with legs?

Should a continuous rotation servo be used or any simple DC motor

Up to you, but I'd be inclined to use one for each side, with speed controlled by PWM.

And what functions does it need to perform like moving backwards,moving forward and anything else that you could add on

Isn't that enough to start off with?

And how about a light following jensen walker

Sounds good - it would be easier than extending touch-sensors around all those legs.

Lets get to work!!
Thanks for the idea
My exams are starting in march got to study after that I will design it

I think I specified related to arduino

As rickharris said - all those projects need to be controlled.

If you produced an arduino-controlled Jansen walker, it would be a first for this site, possibly a first anywhere.

It has to be controlled some how.

The idea here is that YOU post YOUR ideas and builds - It's not some kind of source of inspiration - beyond being inspired by what other do.

Ideas come from exposure to facts.

You need to read, look, research and filter out from that what YOUR interested in.

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