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New Knex Prototype Answered

this is my design for a new knex gun. tell me if you think i should build and post.


Okay,okay. I WILL post this year, you will probably be disappointed but you pleaded for it.

If you build it to look like that; No. Try an L98A1, similar set-up but simpler.

Yes, but you can't ever have enough decent repeaters. Besides, his might be better than mine. Unlikely, seeing as he probably doesn't actually know how they work...

I think that there are definitely too many 'decent' so called assault or repeating pistols, it is old tech and the time being wasted making them could be better used to build something new and innovative.

Well, this was an attempt at a bullpup assault rifle, so not really old tech, though I agree there are too many assault pistols.

i have something new and innovative. my fully auto. yeah the pics in the forum topic look crap but i will post new pics soon and it looks awesome.

what? wjat do you mean as in i dont know how that work?

I meant you probably don't know exactly how the rifle works, and I doubt even more that you've held and stripped one.

no, im only 12 i build knex guns for fun. anyway me and my freind designd this in a lesson.

Yes, but if a mechanism if best for the real weapon, it will probably be best for the knex version.

BTW, its called the S.S.R v1 (the Strange Shaped Rifle v1)