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New Knex ball machine contest closed Winner: Purple Waffles Answered

As some may know I have started a new ball machine. I'm planning to make it my largest yet using over 20,000 pieces. 
Here's the contest:

This will work a bit like hangman. You guys guess letters until someone guesses the answer and the one who finds out the name of the ball machine will get frequent updates on Skype or Email with pictures of the ball machine plus a preview on another project I'm working on. Shadowman39 will also be providing a patch to the winner (Thanks Shadow).  Two letters will already be given and spaces to fill in the rest. As poeple say letters I will add them to the phrase.

You may only guess ONE LETTER per day.
If you guess a letter that appears twice in the name then only one of the letters will appear.
Some people who already know what the ball machine is called CAN NOT give away any answers in any way (I'm talking to you Shadowman39).
You have to guess the whole phrase. you may not guess part of the phrase.

Without further ado, let the contest begin!


Good luck members and happy guessing. :-) 

Purple Waffles won the contest. Thanks for participating



Dragon Level?

You can use it of you want. I can't wait to see your ball machine. Any new lifts?

Umm, I'mm trying on some comlicated lifts like the invcerted motorized double helix lift. ANd I made an inverted chainsaw lift.

lol! I'm doing some complicated ones as well. One of them won't be done for The preview.

Tequnically no because I haven't built it yet. :-D

You'll have to wait until Saturday. :-( I wish I couldsendit sooner...

Man school's affecting my brain. Why didn'tI think of that. :-P I'll send you a pic as soon as I get teh mechansim done.

Oh. Your comment made it sound like you were building it at school.

And I got 30 new comments just because of youre discussion... :D

I didn't said the exact number, it was a bit more...

Do I need to say how many comments, OB comments, patches, and featured Ibles I have? ;-)

And this all started coz of my comment...

such as smileywar, it also started at one of my comments... :)

Well several of your comments actually

There were several people complaining about the noseless smillees.

I wish I could add teeth to this smilee: