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New Light Fitting Smells Of Fish When Hot Answered


I have just fitted a new light fitting.

After it gets hot (60 Watt filament bulb) The room smells of fish.

I believe that the smell is coming from the hot plastic, probably from the plastic that holds the shade in place.

I don't want to reduce the wattage, The label on the connector says it is rated for 100 Watts.

How can I get rid of the fish smell?



Time, or an LED bulb (same brightness, far less heat).

Than you both for responding.

The light fitting was old.

I have replaced the plastic piece that holds the shade to the bulb with a newer piece. It looks the same, but does not smell when it gets hot.

An idea for next time, regarding the LED bulbs, can these be obtained as 60 and 40 Watt and BC/B22 connectors. Are they expensive. Do they look like light bulbs - can they be frosted, pearl, clear, etc?

Best wishes.

PS. I noted on the bulb connector that there was no + or -. I assume that this is because bulbs can be inserted in either of two directions.

LED bulbs come in all sizes, shapes and colors these days, same for their connectors.
Usually they state the wattage and the compared brightness on the pack.
So you might see something like 11W = 60W incandescent, which tells you the LED light only uses 11W to give the same amount of light than a normal 60W lamp.

If the fitting is bayonet fitting (two small studs on the side, two contact pads on the end), +/- is irrelevant.

A quick google reveals bayonet LED bulbs available on Amazon that emit light equivalent to a 40W or 60W filament bulb.

They should not smell, it is a sign of very cheap productions.
As Kiteman said, time will cure it or a ligh bulb that does not get hot.
If after a week the thing still stinks like fish I would return it as you never know how harmful the emitted stuff might be.