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New Personal Page Layout Answered

. I like the new layout
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Ah, ha! For Rocket, Binary Boy, and myself, there is a way to get directly to the list of comments (actually, two ways).

The old backtalk URL is redirected to the new query-based interface, so if you have that bookmarked, it gets to what we want.

Under profile Settings (You -> Settings -> Customize), you can use the pull-down menu to put a COMMENTS link in the upper right corner of the masthead. That'll take you to the list of recent inbound comments.

I know but backtalk can take a while to load

Not any more. It doesn't load the full list; instead, it redirects to exactly the new "You -> Discussions -> Comments" page with the ten most recent one.

Ahh... I still want comments immediately though >:)

Overall, I like the layout as well. One thing I don't like (and this is the technical "bug" behind Rocket and Binary Boy's comments). Switching between the different information displays is done via JavaScript, rather than proper URLs. As a consequence, there is no (obvious) way to bookmark a particular display so that you can get to it "by default." I, too, would much prefer to have the list of inbound comments as the first thing I see. Simply saving the URL for that page would be perfectly fine, except it doesn't exist :-(

I'm not sure if your comment is old or something, but this shows the comments tab, this shows your 'ibles tab, and this shows you the "YOU" tab. The only thing I have yet to find out is the settings tab. Let me do more 'esearch.

Hi, Skate. "Old"? This new personal page layout was deployed overnight, it's been out for less than eight hours, I think. Anyway, what I observed was that if you mouse over any of the "display" links on the new profile layout, the URL shown in Firefox has the nasty "#" terminator, which is the clue that it's not a proper HREF link, but rather JavaScript. What is more, when I actually used those links to switch what part of my profile is displayed, the URL shown up in the address box remained unchanged (and therefore uncopyable and unbookmarkable). Good on you for reverse engineering the queries! Too bad I'bles isn't able to simply document this stuff from their scripts and publish it for us :-(

I meant old as in when I found those, I thought maybe they had already implemented it as I was able to find them. The reason they did that, I'd assume, is so that you don't have to reload to swap tabs. I like it, tbh.

Note also that the links within each tab are also JavaScript non-URL based :-(

For example, under Discussions, the Comments, Forums, Questions, and Orangeboard also don't have visible, bookmarkable HREFs.

Ah, well I, personally, don't see that as a problem as comments is the default one, and that's the main reason why I'd go to the discussions tab. But I do see why it might be helpful.

Yay! I was looking for a /you/?show=SETTINGS sort of thing.

First Facebook, Now Ibles Whats Next??

I think it's good, but we should have a preferences thingy to go automatically to "conversations", and there should be more on the page, like say 20 at least.

. Gee, you're getting lazy. heehee . Does sound like a good idea.

lol, I figuered, man how many calories does it take to move the mouse and click? and then you through in the time needed....

I like it. Less clutter, better organization. Kudos to the team :D But there should be a low-bandwidth accessible version of ibles for when I'm traveling with my mobile 56k :)

i prefer the old layout to be honest but meh

its a great way to slash down bandwidth use. i'd slash it down even more (remove the images of insts at the bttom etc) but i want the comments part back in the main page

I like to have the quick comments link in the "you" bar. I find it much more helpful.

I prefer it. The new layout is quick, and convenient. No scrolling! I like tabs.

Yeah, and no reloading to have to change settings!