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New Prize for Art of Sound Contest Answered

In addition to the already awesome grand, first, and runner-up prizes for the Art of Sound Contest we're adding one more: a Thingamagoop fromBleep Labs. Bleep Labs was already providing the quirky Thingamakit runner-up prizes, but now they're throwing in the sweet and bleepy Thingamagoop as well to make the contest even more exciting.


When will the winners be announced?!?!

Yeah, is anyone else going nuts with anticipation???

Well... not nuts... that's a stretch.

I passed the foam stage this weekend.

I don't get it, what is the point of the Thingama things?

They're modular synthesizers, meant for making music and noise alike.

thats hilarios and random. I WANT ONE

AWESOME! Gotta enter something that will get runner up! *Ask people what they want that will get runner up*

Those things cost 120 us dollars thats insane

Miniaturize them, make them a bit brighter, stick 'em on magnets -- The most annoying throwie in the world!

WWAAA! that video is crazy!

think of the aggravation you could cause!!! Bwahahahaha!

XD its even funnier when the thing is spinning on that turn table.

lmao wtf is that?