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New Speed Contest Announced! Answered

You have three weeks to make an Instructable that involves LEDs. Go!



Awww jeez. I know nothing about LEDs. Time to learn, maybe! :P

Hahaha, too easy. Red ones would be fun for next Halloween, though. :D I'm just going to have to research and brainstorm.

So? This is a speedcontest, i.e. pageviews -- try to get on Digg

LED pasties it is, then! (Should probably add that I might be kidding. Perhaps. Not sure.)

Ah, yes. I have decided last minute that I will be doing this. Getting the supplies today. :P I might have to get the cats to model them.

Oh man, that'll be hilarious. You could always use a mannequin or a male friend for laughs.

Or maybe bi-color ones, and have a timer turn them from blue to red LOL



10 years ago

I can't wait to see what people will come up with!


10 years ago

Aside from this new speed contest, guess what I smell?

A Valentine's Day Contest

But don't tell - it's a secret!

But that's not in The Book.

In this bit of the thread, it's The Bible.

In the bit of this thread that talks about towels, it's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


Thou shalt use macro images when appropriate
Thou shalt not spam
Thou shalt display your Robot tee with disproportionate pride


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Gee, thanks. I feel like a tiger in a zoo that has walls that are just too short....and as if people are taunting me and throwing things at me. I might just have to jump the wall and attack those who are taunting me...

this is really weird. Ok so my cousins have this cat. and every day of the year it is fine and it will go outside when it needs to go pee except for Christmas. On Christmas day and only Christmas day it will pee on a new toy or article of clothing. This year it was someones pajamas. last year it was ski pants. I think that cats take their revenge on Christmas!

Oh, how fitting!
Just last Thursday night/Friday morning, our cat peed for the first time since we've had him, 6-7 years or so, right on my beautiful essay!
( the one time I chose to hand-write it...)

Anyway, we've sprayed some windex (thanks chaoscampbell) after the second time he peed there, and he hasn't gone since.

our cat peed for the first time since we've had him, 6-7 years or so

Wow. How do they hold it in so long?

All? How can that be all?

Not even a hint to the theme?


There's nothing Backyard Ballistics that would help here ...

Oh! It's early this year, isn't it?

I'd better get down to the hardware store this week ...

That must be some sort of record - since posting that last comment, I have worked out a suitably-themed 'ible, and written it up!

All I have to do now is get the parts and take the photos ...

HOORAH! ;) Did the infinite improbability drive source your inspiration?

Never go anywhere without you towel !

Thats AWESOME! Mind if I try?


Yah, I cheated - typed it once and then CtrlCVCVCVCVCVCVCV ....

I really should participate in something pretty soon.

Dammnit start it so we know what it is I'm now really mad because I thought it was a contest involving making stuff go fast, which is one of my projects at the minute... and an oversized one... and a seriously complicated compact uber one...

Its just a warning :P These speed contests last about a week. It really doesn't matter when they start it, we'll still get a week :P

I know but I want it to happen, competitions bring out really cool stuff even little ones.