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New Speed Contest: Pocket-Sized Answered

The new speed contest has launched!

It's called Pocket-Sized. Anything that can fit inside a regular pocket is eligible. So think portable and small. Flat would help as well.

Pocket-Sized Speed Contest


I've just recently published my Instructable.
This is all very intense =D

Are you allowed to enter pocket-sized 'ibles that were originally posted some time ago?

(There is nothing about "published on" dates in the rules, so I'm deviously curious)

Since nobody's said "no", I'm going to do it. I can always remove them if I'm in the wrong.

Ah, nobody needed to answer - the new contest system automatically blocks them. Nice idea.

well can a pocket fit in a pocket[if u cut it out maybe]

a tazer with a cellphone combined

a tazer / pocket comb combination.....oh wait, if you accidentally set it off while combing your own hair.....

It would cure head-lice, at least.

Give the term "a red head" a whole new meaning LOL

and can u post more than one project?

a tazer cellphone u could buy at sports stores

so does the item have to be completly concealed in my pocket or can part of it be sticking out?

It should fit entirely in it. The Robot sticks out in the image, but typically pocket-sized means it can fit inside the pocket.

ok. just wondering because that makes all the small block trigger knex guns not elidgable because the handle would stick out.

Ok now I have my idea, and a couple of others, should have one or two up tomorrow, expect big things from little stuff...

I have the perfect project. Hopefully I can pick up the one thing I need and I will be on my way.

Can't wait to start building!

Well remember what is still one of my most popular instructables... the lighter flash drive, I think I have a couple of projects that are even better than that, also define the term pokct somone, I mean if i were to have a flap of skin grafted to me to work as a big pocket could I do an instructable on adding the pocket you wear?

HUZZAH! Now, what should I make?


10 years ago

Grr, this is a toughie.

Saw it, can't WAIT to post so much stuff. Go Robot!