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New Uber Chatroom! (portal for acessing the regular chatroom, more features!) Answered

Hi all,

If you remember, i once made a 'super sized' version of the chatroom, but, when the updated mod controlled room was put in place, the link was severed..

UNTIL NOW! (click here to enjoy chatroom goodness)
one quiet day at work, and a slash of creativity, and the new chatroom was born.

New features compared to the normal chatroom are..
  • Wider, bigger chatroom
  • Built in up to date Mod list
  • Built in 'profile' frame, so you can access your ibles account while in the chatroom

Be sure to check it out, feel free to use it, and most importantly, suggest ways to improve it!

Thanks to Do_Not_Turn_Off_The_Power whom happened to be in the chatroom when i was building it, and helped me with a few mistakes.


gmjhowe - your faithful chatroom mod


I went in there just a moment ago, was warned 3 times before I said anything, and was muted after about 10 secods, shortly after asking what was going on. This makes me unhappy :-(

I keep losing the link :-) at work (I am at home now) I can't bookmark it...


9 years ago

I do believe I rank higher than Adrian..

no, I rank you lower than Keith........

random..... but still, I have a right to talk.....

You should respect me, I have authority over you. Besides the back-up of more than half of the community.

Dj Coolzio. I'm sorry, i just like provoking the beasts.....

ill be glad when my ban is over.....you can take my seat on the list then. dont worry, its nice and cozy.

I bet you both know how to count *chuckle*

See bumpy, you're stepping in to dangerous territory now... Some would see such things as an abuse of power don't worry I'm not saying one way or another, just a heads up that things can be awfully tetchy with this stuff

Also he has no reason to respect you if you don't respect him, or his right to talk for that matter.

No DJ I'm not siding with you, or anybody here, no arguments needed...

you might not be siding with anyone, but you have pretty much echoed my sentiments :-) see below

Oopsy... Granted we made different but not exclusive comments on the matter of respect...

I think we would be pretty much in agreement though :-)

I just meant that, even though we aren't siding with anyone, we appear to side with each other on this ;-)

Oh we are such non-conformists... wanna wear the same clothes?

42 + 30... I've seen trousers with a 72@ waist... the chest might be more complicated, two pairs of shoulders... On the upside your beard would keep me warm...

I respect him just as much as he respects me, mostly because of the mod powers......

hmm, I am a rebel...... What do most rebels do?

Buhahaaahhhahhahha! I'm glad you are tapping out your humor, its giving me a laugh nowadays! :D

besides, I lost all respect for you before you were a mod. Especially after pulling the cover off radio.

Grudges much? Besides, you can't blame all that on the radio thing, its so played out. Man up and show some respect.

I would.......but the only thing stopping me is the fact that the only person behind you is Skate 6566. If You can pass bakenbitz and jknight (who are right ahead of you), I will give you my respect...... Jknight is easy, as all his comments are negative and violate the be nice policy, bakenbitz is harder. Jknight is ahead of you only because he isnt on (thank god)....

See, here's the thing: instructables is not a popularity contest.

Bumpus does not care about making your list.

Kiteman does not care about making your list.

ewilhelm does not care about making your list.

Nobody cares about making your list.

Your first sentence makes no sense. You can't respect him because...you don't respect him? Hmm. I call circular reasoning...

Seriously, the only way this constant brouhaha will ever end is if you take some action to stop it. It takes two to tango, and you can't control others' behavior. Just refuse to engage people. Ignore comments you dislike; don't flame yet more. Why do you even care what anyone on the internet thinks of you, anyway? You demand much respect from others, yet you show none to them.

Why do I feel like I just wasted the last five minutes of my life?

It takes two to tango - Unfortunately I disproved that theory while slightly inebriated... Apparently it takes one, several pints and a momentary loss of judgement to tango...

I sorta see how the original is more catchy though.

Killerjackalope, have you ever tried to fight with someone who isn't in the room? It's pretty hard. If one person absolutely refuses to engage, by either physically leaving or simply completely ignoring, the fight is by definition over before it began.

...have you ever tried to fight with someone who isn't in the room?

It's called "the internet"... ;-)

(Look, I did a winky thing - that's a joke)

'Fight' implies the other person stands a chance...

It was joke... I'm surprised you managed to find any seriousness at all in that one...

That said I have been the ignorer... It's extremely difficult to miss constant haranguing for an extended period of time, which is usually not a problem unless the person has nothing else to do with their life...

Ack no worries, it was a play on the phrase.. As in I was tangoing with myself not arguing...

Keith unhealthyly cares about making his list.....Why do people forget me...

ok, I know that, that contest is reserved for myspace and facebook.... but hey, I have other reasons too, besides the list...... Also, i think if he saw an average day in my life, he would understand what I do, and why I did it.........same goes vice versa. Five minutes is nothing, I have wasted 5 years..... My golden age was when I was in preschool..........If you knew what happened there, You would get the wow in you.......

Then why do you bring it here?

That is a moot point. You can't go on like this. Eventually, everyone will get sick of you. And want you to leave. Do you want that to happen?

Then make up for lost time. Stop wasting time now, and repair your damaged reputation.

I don't doubt it. But that doesn't mean your life is over! The graduation from preschool is just the beginning of a journey (for the record I'm not sure whether I'm mocking or completely serious either. Hmm.).

Yes, DJ, I know, "You were reading in preschool". You know what? So was I. I bet lots of people on here were. You know what else? It doesn't matter at all. It's not relevant to your current behavior.

err, i have no idea................ no, i dont, mostly because I dont have anywhere else to go......... I try, but I keep running into complications that hamper my efforts, and it makes it worse......... Duh, I have like what, 90+years of life left................. Look, as I have said, I want to change, but I cant, because Every time I try, some thing happens that puts me back a square 1. It may be a careless comment not intended to offend, or someone else does something, and I am framed for it..................

That whole stupid argument was stupidly pointless, on both sides.

@ DR Radio: Adrian is right, the only person who cares about your list is you. You keep trying to get respect here, then throwing it all away with stuff like this.

@ Bumpus: stop feeding the troll.