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New Website Layout Answered

I'm not a fan of the new layout.  I liked having all categories viewable on the homepage, and I found it to be user friendly for my daily visit to the site.
Not a fan, Just sayin'........



Yes, the cover is very very arduino heavy. You would think they would sort of mix it up with different themes, but no, they seem to be saying that this is the focus they want you to have when coming here.... Like, they want to narrow the focus of the whole site to just that

Electronics is great and all, but it's an expensive, finicky, twiddly hobby that requires a great deal of time, education and skill. But it's the main thing that gets respect these days. In order to prove you are smart, you have to show people the robot you built. For me, it is too narrow. A geek cliche. Been there done that, got a few t-shirts. Bandwagon joined, jumped off of again in favor of a wider range of creativity. I'm not bashing electronics really, just, well. gee, I guess I am.

Looks like they changed it up a little. That's cool. Thank you.

I like that I have met everybody in those photos, even the hands.

I guess so, but the net effect for me is it's kind of cliquish and elitist. Here's yet another plug if you weren't tired enough of these personalities yet for our very small group of friends/contributors/employees we are trying to make famous.

My remark is cynical and snarky, and I apologize in advance. Yet it is also a true user experience.

I get you. I guess it's easier to do a banner like that with people nearby, though, to get photos that are "right" for the proportions.

There are now quite a few Featured Authors, now, but quite a few of their "library" images wouldn't look right on a banner like that (have you seen mine?!).

Yes.... who could forget yours? {still trying to...}

Let me at least say something positive, I think the new look is very pretty and I appreciate the updated message that they are not going 100% electronics (as yet).

ran too fast to edge of snark chasm
teetering on tiptoes, arms spiralling
oh! went over

ಠ_ಠ the internet disapproves of me again

I got a laugh out of Kiteman! Isn't there a badge or something for that? I claim it for Norway!

Here's an idea: though it might be hard to do. What if as you typed in things to the big search box, pictures of relevant Instructables appeared to occupy the big banner in some way?

I sincerely hope it's not the end. However, I will say this: I have never, EVER, felt the need, or had an interest in browsing the forums until now. Or even crawling onto a soapbox and starting my own thread. I'm very content to leave the internet alone, it just so happens that this place is a thing I care about very much.
I have gleaned countless new ideas and given many gifts inspired by very awesome people, and hate the idea of loathing a visit to the site because of superfluous change.

the more i see it the less i like it. its the end of instructables, i see no reason that i will pay for a pro sub anymore.
The whole front page is no substance all adds.
A huge picture of a led on a board. WOW!
ADS ADS ADS . All that space used to be good info. First makerbot,
now instructables

And the previous format allowed you to get a little bit of everything upon arrival.
Now that you brought up PRO membership it has me feeling like the new homepage makes it superfluous. I definitely feel a lot more pedestrian with the new layout, not that I ever felt like I had any "status" to begin with. It just does not cater well to veteran or new visitor alike.

Yeah, honestly before the website changed I began to feel the same way. Not only about the proliferation of "techy" instructables, but also the 3D and Laser cutting ones as well. At least with the previous format you were able to quickly browse and skim over more posts that did not appeal to your means or interests. Even when I would look at a guide that was beyond my means just by browsing I could at least go down to comments and say "hey man, well done! very cool!"
Above all I really love these () things about this site: being able to make instructables well and contributing to the community, encouraging those who contribute, being featured on the front page if I'm lucky, and the odd chance I'll win a contest.
I feel strongly that the new format hinders the browseability and sense of community, that's all.
Follow the link caitlinsdad posted.

Btw, the () was meant to be the number 4. Not meant to imply a zero.....

I feel the same way.. my forum topic about it is actually right below yours :P