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New Years 08: How We Could Theoretically "Discover" Time Travel/ers Answered

Well that forum on time travel got me thinking...

How We Could "Discover" Time Travel
Write down, carve on stone, burn into our memory, tatoo on my back, or something, that if/when time travel comes into exsistence, someone needs to travel back in time to a specific time and date in our near future (Instructables Control Tower, New Years 2008 would be a good time/place). If everyone were to record this, eventually someone/s might do so, meaning that a time traveler might turn up at Instructables HQ on New Year's. I personally intend to attempt to do so, or at least get my future kids to:)
Anyways, if a good number of people do exactly this, there might be quite a congregation at Instructables on New Year's. Or of course, no one might turn up at all...



I have no idea.....that was almost 3 years ago

Keep an eye out for a dweeby looking guy (hopefully with a hot chick) calling himself RocketScienitst2015 hanging around Instructables HQ for the next couple of days...
If time travel is practical in my lifetime, I'll be that dweeby guy =]

Do get a picture of me/him, I wanna know how bad I look when I get older...

Man, now Ireally got be there, Canida's giving me a cookie!

in order for there to be time travel wouldn't that require us to be illogically dublicated infinte times over to make it so that we or that time to still exists in time. So, although time travel in itself presents many faults if it were to be a posability ever wouldn't it be more logical to assume that it would be more like......say.....rewinding a video..... everything would back up.... plants, animals humans and everything else would devolve/grow in reverse or ungrow into its originality or non existance? like say you wanted to time travel back to your birth (not sure why, but I think it makes what I'm saying clear) wouldn't it be more logical that everything including yourself would revert back to that momment...... meaning as you went back to that time you would devolve, to the point you were the baby being birthed. so say you time traveled to 3 months before the creation of time travel....you would be the same person you were 3 months prior and have to live it again from that point (because time travel isn't invented yet and since you reverted back you have to live again until it is) and the same for going into the future, nothing has happened yet so everything developed by man would be exactly the same as the momment you went forward but you and all other living things would age forward to that point, but since you accelerated through a non existing time anything that would be moved foward by the act of man would stay the same until you stopped time travel and started living and physically changing the things changed by man? does that make sence?

Yah it does actually, though I've always looked at it differently...

you know what??....... maybe someone has invented time travel.....lol going off that idea....... maybe that explains the feeling of deja vu ............ someone went back in time when they figured it out and now we are all living again and don't even know it. wouldn't that be weird??

There is actually a few "conditions' brain-wise that create that feeling. One of them is called "false memories" :-)

De ja vu is actually a normal brain activity. It results from a lack of a certain chemical. So its not really normal per se, but it's not abnormal/. _

I'm not really interested in what causes the deja vu scientifically....... you can tell me all day long how its a brain thing or chemical or whatever but your still not telling me why the brain thing happens or the chemical deal happens......

There is no explenation. I have ocd. It's caused by a lack of a certain chemical in the brain as well. There is explanation as to why this happens when the chemical is absent or why the chemical is absent, it just happens. The same is true with de ja' vu. It's just an absence of the chemical. The only reason i could think of that would make de ja vu occur is not eating a certain food that activates the production of the chemical.

Ok, what I was saying.... I realize it is far fetched.... I realize its 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% not the reason any of this happens..... but what I was saying is that maybe this happened before and the reason for the "chemical imbalances" or "weird brain activity" is because we all went back in time and now we are re living and the only evidence we went back in time is the "chemical imbalance" which we, not knowing we went back in time just call it an odd "chemical imbalance" again I know its far fetched..... it was just a silly idea..... I know all the scientific reasons why those things happen...... I was reaching at a highly improbable, outside the box guess at "why the why" happens

Well, the brain makes attempts at connecting familiar things (memory is like this too) and something totally "unrecognizable" will still "look familiar (this is how people take the original Mars photo and see a face there where it doesn't look like one at all, until photoshopped. Anyway, we force familiarity mostly for comfort but also to link in the memory.

Which is probably related to my problem with faces. It isn't that I don't recognize people, it is more like nearly everyone looks a bit familiar to me in one way or another.

I know the scientific human explination....... but maybe the reason it happens is time travel I know its dumb, but its an interesting idea in my head

Aaaah ! I meant: Never quit exercising your brain. *sigh*

It isn't so much dumb as an exercise in thought. Never quite exercising your brain. Still, if we consider time as "only" a measurement (like a millimeter; which technically doesn't exist outside of the measurement; that is, you can't pick a millimeter up off the ground), then time can not be traveled backwards in, as was stated earlier, there is no "backwards"; there is only the present moment, and the endurance of that moment is the measurement of time. Think about that for a moment and see what you can come up with that might show that this is either true or may be untrue :-)

this was not exactly how Einstein invisioned "forward" movement in time, but his theories didn't address, reversal. As Isaac Asimov once wrote, it appears we can move forward (by means of entering suspended animation, or by traveling at near light speeds), but the reversal does not seem logical. Thus he viewed time as more of a measurement of "existance" rather than another demention (and, except for a few cases, he didn't write any Sci-Fi on time travel either; i.e. "The Ugly Little Boy" for one instance).

right, but I'm calling out Einstein, Isaac and all the others. I'm presenting a new "theory" based on logical assesments, although including the "measurment of existence" idea of isaac's. Well, I say new but I can't reasonably believe I'm the only person to think of it like that.

To, get more complicated but possably make it more clear:

Time and Math are man made, there invented organizational systems for explaining how and why things are the way they are. its said often that math is universal, but really its the idea of math that is universal and not the actual math. it just so happens that all our human societies and cultures use the 123 system of organization. but couldn't math be just as logical figured in a "different" language? like instead of 123 its say x,w,e ..... if you think of it in a caveman-esk way math is more of "this many things" then 3 things, instead of 3 being 3 maybe 3 could be E..... to a person rasied and educated on that sytem of organization E number of rocks would mean the same as 3 rocks to humans. so.... e - w = x

what I'm saying is the time and date of december 3 1941 at 5pm is our way of identifying that time.... but it is only a marker to an event that has come and gone. going back to that place would require basically a reverse because the universe won't recognize our computer gizmo of december 3 1941 at 5pm..... its our man made system of organization that the universe makes sence to humans under but the universe dosen't neccisarily subscribe to our marker system.

basically what I'm saying is time travel is impossable because we can't travel to a non existing place or time..... time keeps moving forward it dosen't continue to exist in suspended animation awaiting the all knowing humans to figure out how to get back to it.

I probably just make sence to myself here..... but I tried

I rather like Hawking's "logical universe" understanding myself. It obeys the rulles of Ockham's razor, and fits with what we see, as opposed to what we want it to be :-) I am not discounting your point of view, but just presenting my own in a more concise manner.

Wow, I guess I'll Be there on New years. Well, actually, I wont! We Have Astablished at least 4 dimentions and have fanticised and theorized about at least a dozen more. There are several theories for how time travel may be possible, but the most prominent one I can think of is this: somehow bend space-time so you can travel to the fifth dimension... somehow. then one can view the fourth dimension as a timeline. With that known, we need to learn how to move ana,kata, Forward, and backward in the timeline. next, we'll need to make sure the place we are in the past is not ar in the sky or buried in the ground.

So,this is nevere going to happen in our lifetime, or the nextnextnextnextnextnextnextnextnextnext generations. What I just proposed is crazy, and could never happen. oh, here's another reason time travel won't happen, we haven been visited by any travelers, who would obviously come back to see us if they could, right? why havent they visited us?

1. Time travel will never exist
2. humanity is destroyed by nuclear bombs or a virus, ecxept for will smith
3. It has been discovered, but is being held by the government for top secret missions

If anyone was traveling we'd see them now! also, think about this: A old Man appears in your house and claims he is a traveler from America in 2054. In his hands he has the blue-print for a mysterious machine. He then reveals it is the plans for a time machine that you are destined to make. He bestows the diagram apon you, and you look up to ask him "Why me?" but he is gone. You are suprised at how simple the machine is to make, although you require a bar of dark matter to re-reoute your machine to the 5th dimension. In 2013, The Hadron collider produces the first particles of dark matter on earth. Many counries wish to use the dark matter for sinister purposes, but you, having found your missing ingredient pitch your idea to the US government. The plans are anylised by scientists and physiscists everywhere, and there seem to be no flaws in design. At long last, in 2052, your time machine is finished. You win every prize and metal on earth annd become very wealthy. You make sure however, that noone uses the machine to travel more than a moth ahead, for that would cause great ripples in the tangent universe. By 2053, you reaalise the man who gave you the plans looked a whole lot like you! Infact, He was you! You then decide to travel back to 2008 to give the plans to your former self. You re-run the course of events you remembered perfectly, but when you return you your own time, you relize no-one could have invented the time machine because you gave it to yourself after only having recieved it from yourself. You run screaming out onto your front lawn! You wake up in the hospital, your brain hooked up to a strange machine. Solipsism is bliss

I've been thinking, maybe time travel has already been invented thousands upon thousands of years ago. It is your memory. Putting yourself in that situation is about the closest you can physically come close to, to reenact what happened in the past.

Technically it is possible to time travel. We have the means, just not the technology. Time is relative to the observor, so if your going a million miles an hour, everyone else will age the time it would take to normally go a million miles an hour, but you wouldnt. In order to time travel by years, we would have to go at light speed, which is not yet possible. It is only possible to time travel foward, not backword, so this "theory" wouldnt really work. >_>

A few more thoughts, imagine tattooing to do it last year on your back, then you would find out instantly.

Also, there may be reasons that the peoples of our future won't let us know about it. Think: space/time continuum.

or It may be so far in the future that your tattoo will be 6 feet below the ground before time travel is invented.

Just think about mentioning this. It's a paradox in the making.

D'oh! I thought it was to good to be the first time thought of.

Hawking believed it created too much of a temporal conflict for an ordered universe to allow anything larger than a quark to pass through a wormhole and travel back in time.

Hm..unless it never becomes available to the average person (if you had the chance to travel anytime once, would you chose an 08 new years party?) Or it may never be beyond military use. OR...it may be restricted to after the machine is first turned on (like said in the other thread) Good idea though.

I hope to be there ;-) And given the date you have posted, I am headed in that direction in time anyway...