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New gun Answered

Hi, I'm Rec0n. And this is my boom stick! :P
Guess what  features my boom stick has!
(The gun is NOT actually named the boom stick)
Credits to Killerk and The Dunkis for Two of the features on this gun.



i really like it!!!!

Take off the stock and it looks like the lancer from gears of war

lol, all my friends said it looked like a lancer!

Lets see there's a pin guide, attachment rails, trigger guard, removable magazines, a mag fed gun under the barrel, and sights.

its a true trigger. also, itsa grenade launcher, not a magfed gun integration. theres more too!

When you say grenade launcher do mean single shot pistol?

So, what does it actually do?

The same thing as a single shot?

Yeah. it fires a special grenade round though.

 Pretty could as far as I can tell. You should try to also invest in a better camera.

it was an iphone camera. decent, i had bad lighting though.


8 years ago

epic! 5* post!

Thanks! Im gonna post it when i get more pieces, this takes up all of them.

no problem! cool, lol