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New homepage thoughts and bug problems Answered

Come here and say what you think about the new home page.

I think it's beautiful and simple but there are some small bugs.

I'm having trouble posting replies on different threads.

I love the new home page but if you could add text to the pictures that would be cool.

I do want to thank people who created and designed the homepage for putting it here, I know it was a lot of hard work.

(P.s. I'm running firefox 4.0 on Mac)


i cant change my profile picture ever since the website has been redesigned! im using Mozilla Firefox and windows vista home edition. and the new home page, in my opinion, is very cheaply designed and amateurish.

I was very disappointed when i saw the new design, Looks cheap and amateurish. It's been very laggy and slow for me. Also I don't like how the projects on the front page are randomly thrown out, how are new projects suppose to get any attention? Honestly since the update my instructables visiting has dropped by more than half, it just doesn't have the same feel.

Do you notice how Popeye's head and feet are cropped-off?
Use a square image. E.g.



Well lemonie the only way I can repay you is with lemon puns.

"hey lemonie, do you ever get pithed, I now sometimes I get really pithed off and I can be sour for the rest of the day."

There you go, much better - I was being helpful.


I totally agree with Nostalgic Guy.

The first time I saw instructables.com we could also dig into the whole content by date across all categories. I spent a week checking everything one by one and I was so happy to see that there was a website offering that kind of (and so much) service.

This is the only reason why - even after a poor change of design and structure of the site some months ago - I decided to become a member anyway.

But I now think it's time to say you're going the wrong way of webdesign.

The site shouldn't look cheap and coded by monkeys otherwise how can you get new people to come and create content?!

By the way, there is a problem with the footer every pages I see (FF4.01 on win7)

I also just got on the front page and the words underneath the titles are working now for firefox.

For the Pro's of this new update it looks pretty sleek (not as functional but we're talking about the pro's here.) and I like the addition of the new robot at the bottom. He's always there.

Ah, you have to mouse over the small image to see the title of the ible. I guess it's supposed to be like the Matrix screensaver. I am using a 23 in monitor and unless the image is good, it is still a tough time trying to figure them all out and see what is interesting to click on. Kinda annoying, really. How do you get back to something that just scrolled off? Don't know how good it looks on a smaller monitor or mobile device.

On a 10.1" 1024x600 netbook: Dismal. Titles never show up, header is crunched together, and the footer has vomited and dribbled down to the same length as the rest of the page. It's a resolution problem; everything works when I plug in a larger external monitor.

Side note: The newly featured blog can only be commented on through Facebook. Really, guys?!

The blog should definitely be comentable (new word) using the accounts on Instructables.

I just tried it on my LG GT405 phone & it's awful so I won't be doing that again in a hurry/EVER AGAIN.
To tell the truth I was so sorry to see the site this morning I have not really looked in nearly as often as I usually do, the whole layout looks bland, anemic & I am sorry to say a little amateurish.
The animated thumbnails are just annoying & not nearly as enticing as the old layout particularly on my phone.
If this were the first time I had visited the site it would probably have been the last as well.
As for only being able to comment on the blog through Facebook I sincerely hope that is just a bug, I along with a good proportion of others I know are sick to death of the world revolving around Facebook & if I have to use it to comment on the blog then I for one won't even be looking at it..
All in all I have to say I'm not impressed, I have to ask are all these constant changes really necessary or are they just change for the sake of change?

Refreshing a few times, it seems to be intermittent. FF4.new on Win7. Still miss the orange, though.

It looks all good on my computer but I wouldn't know how it looks on a phone. It looks pretty cool though, I wish they would a the option to view more of one category on one page like they had in the old home page. On another note, I admire you for your skills in diy.

"Looking cool" and "working well" are not necessarily the same thing. It "looks cool" to have no titles, but the pictures are in general too small and meaningless to be of enough interest to click on.

I agree. The images have to be exceptional to grab my attention!