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Decided it would be a good idea to offer both sides of the discussion to the lockpick group. I'm hoping (fingers crossed here) that the community is capable of handling this entire group intelligently and maturely. As such, I figure pros and hobbyists alike can benefit not only from the opening and bypassing methods, but from more information about what's being done to prevent such things. All the information here is for educational purposes, and it helps me in my line of work to see what non-commercial solutions there may be. Also, with the shared knowledge here, it's possible we can come up with even better security options. Afterall, part of the job is getting in, another big part is keeping others out. *In my own opinion, the best security option anyone has is to install a decent security system. That way, even when the physical locks fail (I refuse to believe there is a lock that cannot be picked or bypassed), there is still an added security. Besides that, even having the alarm company's sign in your yard/window really is enough to deter most would-be intruders* So, feel free to post methods for getting in, or keeping others out.


keeping others out : lock it less and it'll attract the others less

There's a saying - locks only keep honest men out.

Being pragmatic, there are plenty of websites giving this information out in a manner that encourages abuse of the skills, and plenty of places you can buy the tools (I saw a "lock out recovery set" ("for getting into locked cars when the owner had left the keys in the car")for sale on Saturday for under a tenner).

Presenting the skills properly, with suitable advice on legality etc, I don't see any problem posting such ibles here. I may need them someday, as the padlock on my shed only has one key.

It's the ones that encourage people to steal (such as getting two cokes out of a machine) that I frown upon.

Exactly my feelings. I do it for a living, and as a hobby. But, obviously, I only do it on locks I have a right to. Also obvious is that I personally am not going to know the local laws in every city, county, parish, district, state, territory, and country. Most of the laws are pretty common-sense, though (as all laws should be in my opinion). As such, I encourage anyone who has solid info (i.e. law enforcement or professional in a given area). Lastly, I'd like to mention that I always welcome comments from Kiteman. It's people like you who I'd like to hang around here, and the people who don't enjoy seeing your name should probably just leave. Maybe I should include a legal bit just to cyoa: *the opinions expressed in this comment are not necessarily endorsed or approved by the instructables community or any individual therein, including the originator of the comment*


9 years ago

From I take it, you would like a lockpicking group that would be mature, and have good ethics?