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New lift ideas. Answered

I have a couple lift ideas that im going to share, but no stealing! >:-(
1. Spoon lift. the ball waits on a path, and a "spoon" that rotates on an axis comes down, picks the ball up and drops it at the top.
                            0 ______
_______ 0 - - - - - o
this is a picture of the idea. the ball waits at the ramp (the line) and the two spoonlike things would be the two positions of where the ball would get on and off. the line at the top is the exit path.

2. bar lift. this is basically a chain lift, but with a rod sticking out horizontally. the ball is picked upby the bar, then deposited at the top.

                    0            the zero is the chain and the hyphens are the rod. the ball is cushioned
                 -------         the chain and rod. obviously, the rod would be connected somehow.
                                  This is supposed to be an aerial view, so it kind of looks like a chainsaw.

If you want any pictures of these lifts, i will post some pictures.

Feel free to post any other ideas for new lifts.



The spoon lift sounds like the wheel lift or the plain arm lift that I used in Scorpions rock or Shadowman's cataclysm.
The Bar lift sounds like a regular old chain lift.

It's really confusing. Do you think you could provide pictures when you can?
Good luck on Asteroid belt.

I know it confusing, but the bar lift is on Asteroid Belt. I only made this becuase i was bored.

Why didn't you post pictures in the first place? Just wondering...

i havent built the lifts. if you wanted pictures, i would build it and then take pictures.