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New profile page , there is no link to see all my 159 instructables! Answered

How to change that? When I see in our new profiles: you can see many photos & a link: see all instructables! That is not so on my profile.
I only see one photo so only 1 link! I have 159 instructables in total!!! 


How can I change that, please! This way, the people who want to see all my instructables on my profile page only see 1! :(

I see that if I, myself put the link: https://www.instructables.com/member/SophiesFoodieFiles/instructables
You will see all of them, but there is no link button. You only see 1 of them!


Hey There, sorry about that!

That's a very confusing bug. As you might expect, having just traded out the member page it's a very busy morning for us. But we're looking into it right now, and should have a fix ready shortly. Rest assured: your Instructables are safe and will return to your member page once we figure out what happened there!

Hi Sophie,

There's definitely some bugginess here! Your instructables are all there still "there" . . but just not showing on your page for some reason.

I've sent this to our developers and they are aware and will hopefully fix it soon.

Sam (seamster)