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New updates look good, bravo! Answered

There appear to be some fresh updates. From what I see:

  • New photo layouts, which seem to make better use the screen space on desktop. Nice!
  • Up-voting on comments!
  • The old forum Questions now appear to be an aggregated list from questions asked on actual Instructable pages. That's an interesting tweak.

High five to the Instructables team. Nice to see, keep up the good work!

What else are people seeing that maybe I haven't noticed?


Yeah they look good! The forums still look messed up somehow, but I really like the newish 'ible setup!!

Developers need new design to attract new users. Easy to read, easy to ask, easy to tip. With the growing number of users, it is no surprise to get feed of a hundred questions daily. The previous users are believed having more experiences to survive and adapt to a new environment :D

I am just waiting for a new release video about how to use the new Instructables in convenient way. Like how to tip, how to question, how to use the community section, when should we create topic, etc. That will bring good orderly structure to Instructables site.

No one can avoid changes, not even the changes themselves.

Up-voting comments? I don't have that option.

Ah . . . I guess that's just appearing on tips and questions on Instructable pages.

On the positive side you appear to be able to post images.

On the negative side it's hard to see pure questions from general users rather than specific questions for given instructables that I - nor anyone but the author can answer (probably).

I also am wondering at the utility of collecting every question, from every step, of every existing instructable, and dumping them into a massive, unsortable pile called, "community questions". It seems like most of these questions would be best answered by the authors of the respective 'ibles.

We also get a big unsortable pile of "tips", which I suppose makes sense, since the word, "tip", is a synonym for, "landfill", or "garbage dump".


Yes, Thank you!!!!!!