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Newbie Alert!Is it possible to make a 8x8 led matrix with 74hc595 shift registers w/ arduino? Answered

If so can someone help me with the schematic? And also I'm using an arduino uno r3 if that helps? I kind of would need help with the programming as well. I have transistors (2N3904) and resistors (100 Ohm/200 Ohm) too.  Thanks for the help!



5 years ago

Yes !
It would take eight 595s.

If you don't program yourself you will probably kill anyone who
would try to help you.


Eight 595s? I thought I would need only two? because each one has eight outputs. 2 595s would give me 16 outputs. And there would be 8 columns and 8 rows? Am I missing something?

You would multiplex the 64 LED matrix ( 8 on at any moment ) with a
small processor with lots of diodes 8 transistors and 8 resistors.

I would light each LED directly and speed shift INformation to
up-date when needed using 64 resistors.
Further if the CPU has 8 serial able lines I do not need to work several
595s in series.

Both ways work.