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Next Knex RBG? Answered

So... I got my start on this site with a Knex Rubber Band Gun Riffle... and improved it to the M4 Spectre... then I came out with the wrist fire one... Since these first 3 projects, I've built a Magpul PDR and a sniper rifle (both RBG)... but both got taken apart ages ago... so what I would like to do is re-start the RBG series... and I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for guns to make? And If you wouldn't build a RBG say so... because I don't want to waste my time wasting yours... Please note... I know that the quality of my earlier RBG models was low at best... they were "wire frames"... I do intend on making the newer ones "full-bodied" and with no "wire-frames" So yea... throw some ideas out there... 


Trust me, you don't want to make an RBG gun and post it in this period of time with knex. Try building a knex gun that shoots knex.

I'm listening... how would that work?

It would use a red cog as the wheel and a green connector with a green and white rod as the trigger. You should use really small bands it you want them to sting you.

I'm leaning more towards what you would want it to shoot... two rounds at once to simulate the way tazers work? I have my standard RBG mech that I use... and have used on my previous 3 RBG's...

look at my new mod version of the tr18:) under MR.J67:)

Yea I know that most people want guns that fire knex now a-days... its just that I feel the quality of RBG's has gone down in the 2 years since I posted my last RBG... I mean I went and looked at the recent instructables and there had to have been 2-3 single shot RBG's... 2 years ago we had 8 shot semi autos... and I know that my Spectre could fire 14 shots semi / fully auto... The quality has just plummeted...