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Next week: 5 Instructables in 5 days Answered

I have a backlog of Instructables that I need to clear out of my office and my brain. All of which are only an hour or two away from completion, not including the write-up. One has been waiting to be completed for over a year now and all it needs is a little tape and hot glue! It's reached the tipping point. No, that already tipped and fell all over me and I've been pretending not to notice as I wade to and from my office chair. My self-imposed deadline is for next week. My goal is to publish one a day Monday through Friday. I figure that that will make me finish them once and for all and get started on the next batch of projects that I've been meaning to do. The list is getting long. So... who's with me? Anyone else have some projects that are thisclose to being finished? You don't need to do one each day, but maybe just one or two.


2 done, 3 left!

Pfft, those are all pseudo -ibles, were talking proper ones, using glue, metal, and things.
i did like the making coffee one tho.

Hey I could built something but that would have been easy, how to be attractive was hell to write because I had to get opinions and such... The pillion one has been in my unpublished for months upon months, I forgot to take photos through rebuilding the other bike or I'd have made one encompassing unsiezing l clutches, hotwiring, rewiring, exhaust removal/gasket repair, heavy derusting with no chemicals (none available), bump starts combined with kickstarts...

its ok kj, i was kinda joking! tounge in cheek and all that! However, some of things i build are not easy - eg certain sniper rifles?

The dystopian sniper was an impressive build however I did put the time in on all of them... I understand the point though here is a certain difference in between the two types of 'ible...

Indeed, there are two types of ibles, and truth is, of the other type, yours are the best!

Well thank you good sir! We can now consider ourselves emissaries of different schools, despite me being educated in the building type and self schooled in the other

I congratulate you both and award you each honorary degrees of arts and letters in B.S., M.S, and Ph.D..(b.s, more stuff, pile it higher and deeper...:)

I have no education, all my major skills in life are self taught (being graphic design, computing, and model making)

I have an education persay, however all the things I'm actually able to do at a professional level are self taught, also things I work on tend to be that way, the first time I fix some kind of thing I am going in blind, never failed me yet apart from the computer crisis, then again that's because I accidentally kick the power switch with no heat sink on... I also forgot to pull power cord. Anyway back on our track of conversation I can teach things to a decent extent but I never learn much from teaching, in classes I'll memorize the whole theory part and throw it in my brain's dusty cabinets until needed, the rest is just pure guesswork like the first film production I did (was a favourite in the europe wide competition we were in...)

Points to Ambassador gmjhowe for defusing a potentially explosive situation...

Dig my way in, climb my way out. Plus, Ive defused many a 'radioactive' explosion. I am somewhat of a diplomat.

Oh! A score card!

Well, I got sick this past weekend and I just had an unexpected root canal today, but it will happen.

Unexpected root canal? That has to be even less plesent than the normal variety...

Hmm, was it like a Rick Roll kinda thing?
"C'mon Ed, we're counting each others teeth, would you like yours counted?"

I get my wisdom teeth out in a few weeks, oh joy..

Well, they were on the fence about doing it a couple months ago. On Sunday, one of my molars became extremely sensitive and would ache for several minutes after drinking anything remotely hot or cold. Biting on it would basically explode my head. So yesterday it was all drilled out and filled up again. A root canal isn't actually all that painful. It's long and tedious and expensive, but in terms of pain it's easy.

I'm in! I have at least 2 projects I can finish this week! It'll be a challenge but I need some.

you're on, if there isn't another power outage.....

You've got a few hours to post four Instructables...

Ah, no, I misread - I thought you were going to post 5 in 5 days from the OP.

i have too much school work :'(

5 instructables in one week? I'll try...

And i have two more that are merely awating write up, MWHAHAHA

yeah i haven't really done anything too em im just gonna get rid of em

ooh but i might be entering the first complete one in the burning questions im going to do how to make a fire and i'm going on another camp out on the 13 so hopefully i can get some pics

I'll take your challenge.

Unfortunately, I have loads of homework, so I'll shoot for slide shows rather than full ibles. Sound alright?

And for the record, I have one on the back burner... I'm not sure whether I've finished it or not, but I left my stuff in Georgia...


9 years ago

Yay! Personal goals! :D

Personal goals...

</character foil>

I'll try, got a bit of a backlog myself...

Your on, i will try and get 5 projects done, for sure ive got many waiting! How about we work as a team encouragement etc? i can be your 'guilty conscience' i can send you a message everyday saying 'oi you, you done it yet?'

All right! Let's see it! Don't worry about hitting me up with messages. That was the point of posting this topic for myself. To put it out there as an insurance policy to get it done.

I reckon I can match the five this week well over the next days, I have three on schedule for tomorrow... Another one for during the week as I need someone for that... One more that's only started but I love it so much I'll not put it down until I'm done and a few others that are in the works, in fact I could be putting out six or seven in the next few days because I too have a pile of 'ibles almost on the go line...