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Next week: Two new contests Answered

We've been loving the entries that are coming in for the current contests, but we must always look to the future and that means that next week there will be two new contests! We're pretty excited about both and we're sure you'll enjoy them.

More details soon.


Yay they're out! Might finally enter/make an Instructable.


9 years ago

I bet its a duct tape contest

Oh, you tease!

>reaches for wallet Oh wait not that sort of tease...

Yes, I am a tease.

I'd really like to tell you what they are because I know that you're just going to absolutely love one of them.

why do you all have the same avatar

*Clenches eyes tight, clasps hands* Case Mod.. Case Mod.. Case Mod.. Case Mod.. Case Mod.. Case Mod.. Please Case Mod..

I want a case mod contest too, I wanna see if anyone could make one of these.

half life 2 case mod..bmp

That one is pretty epic. Mine is slightly more simple looking.

Nah, I want to make a working computer / microwave combo......like that is going to happen LOL

XD, that would be pretty epic, then I wouldnt have to leave my computer to eat!

No, it is a gutted microwave, sadly. Although it WOULD be cool to find a way to do this :-)

ah well, the heat would prob screw up the cpu components anyway...

not to mention any stray microwave radiation ;-)

Uhhh... one of them could have a case mod entered. The other... not so much.

Science? Robotics?



9 years ago

We can haz hint? :D

wow you guys bust contests out fast!

We need hints !!