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Nickname for my bass guitar Answered

I have decided to name my bass guitar (like you hear all the famous musicians do), and i want some help brainstorming. Details about my bass: Really low action, Jay Turser imitation of a Music Man Stingray, 4 string, dark blue to the point of almost being black, wide neck, just generally awesome. Oh, and anyone else have a name for their instrument?


Stringo Starr


10 years ago

my bass is named Hiraldo. i don't know why, really. its a Washburn Bantam XB122, orangy brown. and my SWR WorkingPro12 Amp is named PAM, because that is amp backwards. umm, so for your bass - my suggestion is knuckles. because my friend has a sting ray, and i like to slam my knuckles against the strings

yeah when i think knuckles though i think of the red friend of sonic... one i have in mind IMA, acronym for Instrument of Mass Awesomeness

"Mira" - Musical Instrument that is Really Awesome.

(Plus, there was an infamous British mass murderer called Mira Hindley)

she was not nice! don't name it after her!

I bought my first bass from cash converters when I was I 13, that had "Christine" engraved on the front, never named my bass since :P


4 years ago

thats so cool i got the same bass and dont know what to name it

How 'bout slegdehamma?

Ooh, ooh, ooh! My clarinet is named Royce! :D

In my early days of playing my lead guitar was called "Dammit" as it made lots of mistakes...ha ha

I'd like to introduce you to my bass "Ace" then start playing.....

I have a black bass four string... idk what to name it.....its pretty much all black except for the neck and head

i need a name for my bass its neon green with black frets but i cant find anything good to name it

I call mine Sigrid but that name is copyrighted because my band INVISIBLE TARGET  look it up sometime

id call her ssadab (look at the spelling backwards)

mine is a black Ibanez soundgear, i named it "Saint Valentine", i replaced the stock chrome knobs to chrome knobs with red ruby's on them, in the future i'm putting red strings on it, as well as putting on red EL wire around the fret wire, when i get the money, saint valentine after the massacre, even though it is a male name and generally they get chick names, it works, Blood-red, 1920's gangs wore black suits-black, and i play it mainly at church- Saint your guitar also has a personality, all do, mine is a sweet loving sound, that can turn deadly. i suggest "midnight" i dont really know i cant see or play your guitar


10 years ago

Mine is black, so I went with Agent Smith, it just came to me...

I have OscarShmidt By Washburn OB44 that I call Jah which is actualy short for the rose wood Jahes she's a wood grain finish and my pride and joy