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Night Vision camera Answered

I just picked up a pair of the eyeclops nightvision monocle for $50 after screwing with a pair a friend has, i have been messing with them and despite the fact they look like a toy, they are pretty impressive. I plan on modifying them so their less design oriented and more practical.

My question to anyone who knows about or has a pair of these how hard would it be to hook a camera up to them. my plan is to take a webcam and remove its camera then solder wires from the webcam to the camera on the monocle. anyone else have any ideas?



I like both ideas, i would prefer being able to wear them and use them, as well as record what I'm seeing at the same time. I think I'm going to split the connection right before the screen then connect the webcam and hope they have the same format. I'm trying to search but there's not a lot of info on these things.

You're going to have to take these apart, but if you can fit a USB socket to 'em please make it into an Instructable!


Jakks sell some horrible stuff, I can well understand why you want to change the look of these. (And you got 'em for 29$ than MRRP!)

Kiteman has given you the best practical answer, but for a theoretical one:
If the monocle has a fairly standard construction, you may well be able to connect it to the web-cam PCB by simply swapping the connections. But if the two are built to different formats you won't.

I had a much simpler idea to go with my birding scope - have a look.