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Night light Answered

Hi all, I'm newcomer to this "club", and am looking for some help, please. I'm looking for details of how to make a night light, with a rotating element with designs (people, animals, trees, plants etc) either cut out of it, or painted on it. The rotating element is powered by the warm air coming off the top of the globe. The rotating element should be able to be "dropped into" position. Sorry I have nothing further at this stage!! Peter Smith


I have a lamp like that! Actually I still have it but it's stored in my closet along with like four other lamps. About how big would you want to make it?

Hi Sunbanks, wow; what a pleasant surprise to receive an answer so soon. I was even wondering if I my explanation was clear enough! I'm thinking of using a cylindrical lampshade, (fixed at the bottom of the globe) diameter say 200mm, and height about the same, for the outside; the rotating piece would be inside that, and supported from the top of the globe. Unfortunately I haven't yet made a sketch of what is in my mind. Peter.

You would need something on the bottom to hold the lightbulb up and then something coming off of that to hold the rotating element up. Here are a couple of pictures of my lamp.


Hey Sunbanks, I have been making a few rotating lamps recently, I really like the top fan of your rotating element but am not able to make a similar design. Can u post a pic of the inside of the rotating element (and maybe a picture of how it looks when lit also)?
Otherwise, if you just have any tips how to design it would also be fine.
Thanks in advance.

Now that's using brains! My lower support was to be about the same as yours, and the top was to be similar to the type that slips over the top of the globe; Your idea of a vertical support with offset leg makes life so much simpler - thanks again. The globe will be 60watts.

What is the wattage on that bulb? max 40 or 60? I don't think a fluorescent bulb would generate enough heat to make a draft strong enough to spin that round shade.

40, well at least that's what the maximum wattage you're supposed to have on that lamp is.