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Nightvision, Bouncy Balls, DIY Whiteboard... Answered

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Jan. 17, 2008

Welcome back!

Check out the entries in the Lion Brand Yarn Slideshow Challenge. There are some fantastic projects and designs on display! Enter your own projects, click the button to vote for your favorites, and chat with the authors in the comment section! There's nothing like good feedback to inspire even more great projects. Check out the list here!

Which of our 14 great finalists should win the $15K VersaLaser? Let us know!

Check out these cool instructables!

How to UPGRADE from Vista to Windows XP on a Acer laptop
Did your new laptop come with Vista? Is it not as fast as you'd hoped? Here's how to switch back to XP.
posted byCharredPCon Jan 9, 2007
"Hide-in-plain-sight" Cat Litterbox
Build a cat litterbox that can be placed anywhere in your home. With a clever cage design, the litter doesn't spread out onto your carpet.
posted byKiribubon Jan 14, 2008
Venezia Napkin Rings
Knit your own wire and bead napkin rings for Christmas or any other occasion. Each set uses 30 gauge wire and about 95 beads on each.
posted byevey5268on Jan 11, 2008
Knife Making Without Tools
Make a hunting knife from a butter knife by rubbing it on wet pavement and wrapping the handle with cord. It looks and feels good in the hand.
posted byTimAndersonon Jan 11, 2008
Super Nightvision Headset Hack!
Make a Super Bright Nightvision Headset that lets you walk around in total darkness AND record what you see!
posted byKipkayon Jan 16, 2008