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Ninja Stars Answered

OK well i was wondering, is there any other ways to make a Shuriken? Because i have made a few but i want more. But i want them NOT to stick in my wall. Just so i can throw em at anything with out busting a wall. Any suggestions?


might be able to use cds cut out in a shuriken shape, it will make dents, but wont destroy your wall.

Hmm, if one has plasterboard (literally powder between paper) walls, a cut or broken cd might just stick there :-)

I made a CD ninja star, and when I throw it I never have any problems of it sticking in the wall.

Yeah, it would depend on the wall's composition, and how hard you threw it I suppose.

My wall is just average plasterboard and I usualy throw it hard or it wont stick in to my cardboard target, but when I miss (CD star are not very accurate) it has little or no effect on my wall. Also on your earlier post, plasterboard is not powder I've broken scrap's of plasterboard open before and it's more of a dense clay.

well, it is kind of a condensed powder, yeah, like clay (unless they make it differently then 10 years ago). Plaster dries to a mass that is almost like a powder that holds together fairly well, but it crumbles easily enough.

My walls at home are the old style plaster (not plaster board, but the stuff that is rock hard).

Ok' I did'nt realise they used to make it so soft.

Well, I remember being able to crush the stuff between my fingers. But again, that wasn't real plaster, that was plaster board (using a table saw to cut it created a total white out dust-wise :-) It does have a decently thick piece of cardboard in each side to hold it together though.

most people ask about the nail shuriken i made on out of dart heads, eletrical tape and hot glue. it was heavy enough to penetrate wood and accurate up to about 20 ft

There are paper origami shuriken 2 types one that is like a small shuriken and then one more like the one sasuke has I suggest the smaller one flies better and easier to make


10 years ago

There are quite a few Shuriken instructables (search for 'em.) It's one subject (like KNEX) that seems to have inexhaustible appeal...