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Nintendo 64 Controller to PC (USB) Answered

Could sum1 pleez make an TuToRiAL, so I can learn how 2 connect a N64 controller to a pc using a USB end? I want 2 oen peepz insied off Teem Foretress 2. Title says it all. Here are some links to the pinouts:



USB Wire Pinouts:

Green = Data+
White = Data-
Black = Ground
Red = +5v DC

Have any ideas?


I figured it out....


Change the pushbuttons on the chip inside the controller with your own pushbuttons (buy them at radioshack) then hack open a keyboard see which key triggers which leads on the encoder and solder those leads to your buttons. Load your emulator and set the controls to the keys. Then play away! If you need more explenation search this site for nes usb.

Lista de Componentes:
2 Diodos 1N4118 1 Resistencia 7K5
1 Resonador de Ceramica 6MHz
1 Condensador de desacoplamiento 2U2
1 CY7C63001A-WC O Un CY7C63000A-PC
1 Conector USB Macho
1 Conector N64

Components List:
2 Diodes 1N4118
1 Resistance 7K5
1 6MHz ceramic resonator
1 2U2 decoupling capacitor
1 CY7C63001A-WC or a 
1 USB plug
1 Connector N64


Could sum1 also try to make a driver, or find one for the controller? I have more to contribute also.

Here are pinouts for the N64 controller:

Black = Ground
Red = 3.3v
White = Data

Here is my theory for the Nintendo 64 controller to USB:

N64 controller ground goes to Black wire in USB Cord
N64 controller 3.3v red goes to the red wire in the USB cord

Now, here is where things start to change.

I don't know whether the white wire in the N64 controller goes to the green wire, or the white wire in the USB cable.

Why not just mash the thing together and find out?
It ain't going to work though, you've not got much of an understanding of how these devices function.


You might want to rephrase your question to something intelligible so people who know what they are doing can respond.