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Nintendo ds-ds lite-dsi. Answered

Nintendo ds, ds lite and dsi. What do you think? Which one is the best?


ok, none buy any of theese..... nintendo have made a 3D DS called the 3DS. im not sure wen its coming out but i know it has a anolog stick, better graphics than a psp and it can take 3D photos and you dont have to wear 3D glasses. dont believe me??? google 3DS

I've seen the 3DS I've even seen videos, it looks great cant wait to get it!!!

I'm getting a DSi soon! But right now, I have a black Lite. I'm getting a blue DSi after I save up some more. I should have it by thanksgiving.


You're welcome. my Dad said he'll get it if I give him $70 and I have $38 right now, and get $10 a week. The only downside is that I would have to buy a starter kit with my own money, so it'll be about 4-5 weeks.

Yep, yep. Do you happen to know any wireless points you can put into your computer's USB drive that works with the DSi? 'Cause I don't have a spare network card slot, my only slot's taken up with Comcast. Did you get a blue one?

No there is no USB port :-(

Yes I got a blue one XD

No no no no....... like a Nintendo WiFi connector. That works with a DSi.

No idea :O

But it does have DSi points..

I FOUND A TOYS R US COUPON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now<span style="font-style: italic;"> </span>I have the money, so I could have it next weekend.<br />

I found a WiFi thingie that worked, too, so I should be able to go online. I'll have to wait a while, though, cause it's $17 on ebay, and 10.00 shipping(why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!). Oh, and it works with my
Wii, too, so maybe we could exchange friend codes when I get it?

Yes, but you need to connect to the internet to download and use it.

i love the dsi, i got the black one for my birthday (aug. 21) and play it at least once a day. if you think psp is better then just think about who your speaking too! someone who likes graphics or features. if you like features ( like internet, download play, 2 cameras, music, gta chintown wars, better speakers, 15 hour battery life, pictochat, downloading games, ect.) go with dsi or graphics and some features( like better graphics, good games, music and picture veiwing, internet ( but you need a stupid service pack or whatever), big screen, ect). go with psp so if you like simplicity and features, go with dsi. if you want big screen, graphics,ect. go with psp

that media player thing or whatever. i looked at it when i thought about getting the psp years ago. you need it to watch tivo on psp and stuff i think. i dunno but it was like 40 bucks

i've got internet on my psp without buying things

Yeah I know I got a DSi and I loveee it!

I WOULD have said DSi because it has a better processor and more RAM and 2 cameras, BUT it has no GBA slot and NO SUPPORT FOR MODCHIPS! I have an original DS, btw :D

1.is your old ds still working??? 2.by modchips you mean r4 -cyclo m3??? well the r4i is released

It is, and last I heard, the software/firmware on the DSi had been updated to not support modchips, but if that's a new one that IS supported by DSi, then I'd get one, for sure. Just need a job first :S

Ok cool! a electric blue one is on my christmas list :-)

DSi Is the best one. But the PSP is better.

Can the PSP take pictures? nope. but i guess there ok But i prefer a dsi

You can take pics with the PSP, but it requires an external camera attachment.

ah i see... But still a dsi has a built in one :-D

correction, two built in cameras.

Both suckish !!

oh look! its the PSP fanboy!

..............lol?..............I've got an dsi and the original ds and a psp for hendheld things If you compare them the psps is much better

-_- typical PSP fanboy... oh well, i digress.

Correct! (I knew that)

You never use a camera (exept by a real camera)

DS Lite. The DSi has some more features but a few are very restricted. For example, although it can play music, it can only play music in AAC format, so aside from playing the files on your DSi, they are pretty useless.

Well, I'm gonna be buying a blue dsi within 2 weeks! (dieing for it!)

Cool, I have a black one, but I'm gonna sell it because I never use it anyway.

i've got an psp and its much beeter than the dsi or wii

Wait a few weeks. I have 15 right now, and I get 10 a week. Pls?