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No Fashion Category @ Instructables? Answered

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Why isn't there a "Fashion" category here? "Craft" doesn't really cover everything.

More of a suggestion than a question I guess. Where's the suggestion box? :)

for instance:



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wambs8 (author)2009-10-11

My wifes 2nd tow is soooo long she has to fold it up to fit in her shoe

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aimstah (author)2009-08-01

Oh, by the way...Love the ruffles, too cute! A great way to update old strappy heels or just dress up a pair.

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aimstah (author)2009-07-31

I agree, there seems to be enough recycled and upcycled clothing and shoes that they should have their own category. It would really make it easier to find these projects rather than put them all over the place. And as much as I love working in concrete, I also love my sewing machine. As far as the male iblers, maybe "wearables" would be more inviting.

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skunkbait (author)2009-07-26

Interesting. A lot of the male iblers probably don't pay a lot of attention to "fashion". However funtional, cheap, DIY clothes and shoes are very important to me. I'm in the process of making my own motorcycle jacket. Already have it lined and some of the leather in place. I'm also helping my youngest son with a pair of moccasins. Maybe a "clothing" , "apparel", or "threads" category would be a little broader, thus catching the attention of a wider audience. BTW- Nice shoes!

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