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No Featured Flag On Instructable Answered

On my last instructable,https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-A-Better-Cardboard-Cutter/ , I received a notice saying this instructable had been featured....yet when I look at the instructable, no feature flag appears. Appears to be a bug, to me.  Also no avatar picture is in place when going through my instructables. I noticed on others the same thing happens, while on some, it does not. To be more clear, it is the picture box below the byline showing author...what shows is what looks like a "placeholder" : pdf, adobe....


The featured flag didn't appear because there are actually multiple levels of featuring (channel, category, site) where only the site featuring makes the flag. Confusing, I know. I'll pass that on.

As for the author box, that's a Pro feature. To turn it on, go to your You page. Then go to Settings>Customize and you can turn it on. 

Confusing? ahhh,hemmm,ahhhh....yes indeed. Could you give me an example of channel, category and site so I know what you are talking about? These new changes are not making the site easier to traverse, IMHO. Thanks.

"site" == top-level (home page, www.instructables.com).

"category" == Food, Living, Outside, Play, Technology, Workshop

"channel" == Cake, Craft, Camping, Card Games, Clocks, Cars

Well, thanks for the attempt at explaining...still don't get it why something can be featured, but flag is to be found anywhere, on any of the representations of the instructable. Why even bother designating a "feature" if it is not shown? And with the parsing as outlined, do we need special classes to understand categories? But then again, it must be progress for the instructables team and site, but, wait, what about the end users? Just some thoughts.

The flag identifies that the action was taken, and that the Instructable is "better" (more interesting, funnier, better written, whatever) than other I'bles in its class.

The levels designate where that I'ble will show up in the "Featured" sorting. A top-level feature shows up on the home page. A Category feature shows up when you click on the category name. A Channel feature shows up when you click down to a specific channel.

This isn't progress for the staff. This is progress to get more new people interested in the site, and following links to both specific and related Instructables. If you don't have access to the statistics on how people access pages (which Eric has posted and discusseed in the past), then you don't have enough information to make an informed judgement.

there is no flag; there is no flag; there is no flag...anywhere, ever.....

"Flag" refers to the internal information stored in the Instructables database. You're talking about the Featured banner, I think. If you go to the "recent" page of the category or channel where your instructable was classified, and page back, then you should find your I'ble and the thumbnail will have the banner you seek.

Thank you for taking the time to deal with these issues: I had assumed that you were "staff", but am not sure what your capacity is. Undoubtedly you are more knowledgeable about this subject than I, and I appreciate that. I finally found how to get a "Featured Banner" to appear. Whew! But your instruction above was unclear, again, in that : if I go to what is called a channel, and click on "recent", the instuctables then listed have the banner shown. But this begs the question: "why even put it on these pages, and none others?" This increases traffic? This increases viewership? I don't think so. And for your information, I had discussed this previously, on another instructable, with an Instructables staff member, with the same issue, and was told that, "yes, this was causing enormous confusion, and that the subject would be looked into, and perhaps something would be done about it." So far, I don't see that happening...Important? I think so, for recognition issues, ego, as well as other issues I'd just as soon not go into here. And truth be known, only the "featuring editor" and I will ever know that these two instructables were ever featured. Unless of course, we count the infinitesimal number of viewers who will go: Site, click, category, click, channel,click recent click,.....ahhhhhh, featured banners...Not going to happen. Thanks again, have a nice day. Cman

I'm not staff at all, just a user. I've been around for a couple of years, and have interacted with Staff frequently on technical issues. You can find a list of staff on the About available at the bottom of every page on Instructables (including this one).

I think you are still confusing two different things: what I called the "featured flag," which is an internal note inside the Instructables database, which records that an I'ble was featured somewhere, and at what level; and what you see visually as the "featured banner," which is the word Featured written on a diagonal over the I'ble's picture.

When you look at the main page, or at the page of I'bles you see on a category or channel, then every single Instructable you see is Featured. Putting the banner on every one of them would be redundant, and would also hide part of the picture from new people. Does that make sense?

When a more experienced user switches from the default page where everything is featured, then the banners make it possible to tell which of the I'bles were featured, and which were not. Does that make sense?

OMG....thanks for your reply. No some of it doesn't make sense. I am a more experienced user, and don't get the thought process here. You being a programmer obviously think on different levels. Which is fine, but again, the casual and/or occasional viewer is not going to get any of this....which won't really matter. I wonder how many of the "more experienced users" get it, or just don't think about it? I understand the difference between flag and banner, rest assured. Your last paragraph is totally impenetrable...makes no sense at all.

Sorry I was impenetrable. Let's take a specific example, which might be more clear.

Go straight to the Living/Art default page. Not one of the thumbnails you see there as the "Featured" banner in the corner, right? Okay. Every single one of them is in fact featured! Look at them and remember the first two or three (wire tree, perspective, and tunnel book).

Now look at the "sorting" options above the first row, and switch from the currently active "featured" over to recent. The first I'ble you see there is the wire tree, and now it has a Featured banner in the corner. None of the other I'bles on that page have the banner, and none of them were on the previous view.

Here's the thing. That first page you saw are things which have been judged to be "superior" in some way, so they're what "we" want brand new users, cruising around, to see first and get interested in. The "recent" stuff could be any old mish-mash of good, bad, or crap. By putting banners on the ones listed in recent, you can see which were considered superior, if that interests you.

I'd like to add that I've had Instructables featured in all three and not featured at all lately and the system is a massive improvement on having featured only. Even a channel feature brings views up and also the projects seem to be found by more people out looking for them specifically.