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No Pictures when Viewing Instructables Emails Answered

For some time now the emails I get from Instructables have been missing the pictures associated with each project.  Instead I get a placeholder graphic that will not resolve to a picture.  Right-clicking the red cross provides options to Copy, View Source etc.  but not to view picture.  I am using MS Outlook 2003 to view emails.  Any one else using this mail client and having / not having problems? Any solutions?


hi.....been having same trouble....get e-mail but no pics..............i have vista and use windows mail....this started last year........i can click in blank pic and it will come up............would really like pics back so i can pick what i want to see.


I have this problem too on an older mac. It's really only the instuctables mails that come with the picture placeholder but no image. My mac's too old to upgrade so I'll have to live with it I suppose.


The issue you're experiencing appears to be caused by the out-dated nature of Outlook 2003, in relation to current security practices. There's some discussion here that may be helpful: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/office/en-US/c8e7852c-6d0b-47e6-bc59-172464feb1ac/outlook-2007-blocked-images-red-x-for-https-links?forum=exchangesvrclientslegacy

If you upgrade to a current email system, we believe the issue you're experiencing will resolve itself. Please let me know if after updating you're still experiencing the images not showing up as expected.

Sam (seamster)

Instructables Community Manager

Many thanks Seamster,

I admit that I am using an unsupported 14 year old email client however I have a lot invested in customisations that won’t migrate to later versions. Your feedback led me on a trail that eventually resolved my problem without upgrading Outlook 2003. Though I do not consciously use Internet Explorer on this PC it turns out that by upgrading IE from version 8 to version 11, proper rendering of Instructables emails returns.

The Intructables emails are almost the only ones that give rise to the “red-cross effect”. I have occasionally received spam mail that did this too. It would be interesting to know what you are doing differently to produce this effect. However my particular problem seems to be solved by the IE upgrade and I can now return happily to browsing the latest Instructables.

Best Regards,

Ah, that's excellent that you were able to resolve it!

I'm not one of the site's engineers, so I can't speak with full understanding of what changes were made, but I believe the site's transition earlier this year to https and perhaps some other security upgrades are at the root of why some older email clients have been having trouble viewing our newsletters.


I don't have an Outlook 2003 client to hand to test but if I were to hazard a blind guess, it could be that Outlook's security settings are preventing images from being displayed, or maybe the older Outlook client is unable to handle the HTML correctly.

After chatting with our dev team, your answer is exactly right.

Out-dated email clients basically cannot handle modern email campaigns. There's no easy way to say it . . but the solution is to upgrade to a modern email client.