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No Question but here are some tips I know? Answered

Tape together the cleaner solvent and the glue cans side-by-side. Less to move around, and you'll always need both.

If NOT needing a water/air tight bond you can mix the solvent & glue together then coat the pipe to glue. Saves time, but not strong enough for plumbing.

(Check at the store first on this one. Been awhile since I used this. )
A 1-1/2" piece of CPVC (gray pipe) is just the right size for splicing together two pieces of 2" pipe. Just slip it inside for a 'hidden' fitting.

I didn't see this, but be sure to hold your pipes together for 5-10 seconds when gluing. The chemical weld causes a slight expansion that will push the pipe out of the fitting up to halfway. Then it bonds!!

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audreyobscuraBest Answer (author)2017-07-21

These are great tips! If you make an Instructable out of them, I can link to your i'ble from this class :D

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