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No Views - What am I doing wrong? Answered

I posted an instructable about 2.5 years ago and other than the 2 people I sent the link to - no views and I still cannot find it on the site.


I am planning to do a few more (IR beacon-tracking camera, 433 MHz Doppler RDF with PIC, Lights and Sound Greeting Card, and a few more that I have built and wanted to share. However, I actually want people (and myself at the bare minimum) to be able to find them.

Maybe I chose poor keywords or an awkward title? I would like to get some advice on this before I take the time to make a few more.


You triggered the automatic filters because you only have the introduction, no actual steps.

Break it up into steps (at least one step for each of the side-headings you have used), with at least one photo or diagram per step (it's OK to use an image more than once), and then send an email to service@instructables.com to ask them to make it public, with a more recent date.

Thank you all for the great feedback. I finally got around to re-doing this as a step by step (sort of). I still need to improve it and want to incorporate more of the feedback here, but I think it will get picked up now.

it |Might have been caught in the filters, or maybe not published? Usually you will see a few views within 2H.

Post a comment here for some help, the community managers are likely to see your post here, they can tell you what happened :)


and also check out the featuring guidelines


On a side note, turn off your flash and use some other lighting when you take your pics to get rid of that glare

Thank you for the advice. I will try remaking it a a step-by-step, and try to clean it up a bit :)

Good luck !

Send me a PM when it's done :P


3 years ago

A good ible, you need to separate it into several steps like DESIGN and BUILD and more.

I do not understand why you need a solder-mask on a simple PCB without ICs ?

I can read your circuit schematic from the PCB, many members do not.
Add a picture or drawing of your schematic. I could not find the
schematic following your pointer.

I enjoy your writing style humorous and technical.

loose that incandescent headlight picture ! One look at that and I
want to move-on because I don't want to build old-style lighting. Only
later do you bring up the triple LED replacement and shorten the name
let people discover what a neat build you have.

It has been lost in the filters, contact site admins in that respect.

If you click on the small graph (stats link) next to About This Instructable, you have no referrers for that instructable not even m.instructables.com

Sometimes it takes a few days for google to reflect in referrers, depends on the popularity of your 'ible.

I tend to agree with previous "too much text" comments. That seems like 10 pages worth of text stuck on one page, like a long lecture, you've probably lost all the visual folk.

I'd start by doing step-by-step guides for so much text. Your keywords simply mirror your title which isn't very helpful and the title is a little unwieldy. Finally the title picture isn't very eye catching.

All that being said I think that this one somehow got caught up in the system. A direct google search returns nothing which is odd for this site. You could either contact one of the customer service staff, go into the edit page for it and re-publish it, or (in my mind preferably) remake it as a step-by-step and delete the old one.

Thanks for the advice - I have republished it several times, changing the title and keywords, with no effect. I will try remaking it as a step-by-step and tweak the title and keywords a bit.

Will post back once I have done this.

Thanks again!