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No luck with Tumblr? Answered

Super frustrated! I was able to get my website working . . . Yay! No luck with Tumblr. I have checked the code, the keys, tried calling the file names differently . . . One time it said "uploaded," but Tumblr had not received any posts. Help! Can you look at the pictures with the error codes, and help me through this?

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bekathwiaBest Answer (author)2017-10-21

Sorry you're frustrated! It looks like your file paths are just a bit confused. The script is looking for the gif here:


but you're running your script in a subfolder inside boof/, instead of inside boof/ directly. Tour gif ends up in whatever folder you run the script, and then the script can't find it if it's not in the exact spot it expects. Try moving testPytumblr.py to boof/ and running it from there.

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