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No more pro memberships? Answered

Hi, I am wondering if you have stopped giving featured instructables pro memberships?
My latest instructable was feature an popular but I didn't get a 3 month membership like I did when my last two were featured.
I am also having trouble on the contest pages, when I view them I try to vote and it says I am not logged in.


I just won a runner up prize for the Tech It contest.

Unlike the previous times that I have won a contest, this time I have not received an Achievement Patch and a Pro membership Link. The pro membership hasn't been even automatically been added to my list of Pro memberships.

Can You please help me as to what should I do now.

Thanks, Ms sweet said there is a bug with patches and pro membership, and they are aware of the problem. I got a pro code and a patch today, but the patch is just a square with nothing on it, so somethings not working right.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 1.32.41 PM.png

You need to contact Jessyratfink or MsSweetSatisfaction about it.

As much as I would like to do it for you, I can't.

Hope this helps, JM1999.

email service@instructables.com, Jessyratfink and MsSweetSatisfaction are not in charge of contests and won't be able to help as much as emailing service.

But Jessyratfink and MsSweetSatisfaction can't actually help with this particular issue.

Anybody get featured since Sunday who did not get a free pro membership?

I had a project featured and accepted into contest entries over the weekend (Sunday Nov 9), but no notification about a pro membership as of Monday afternoon. In the past I thought I remembered this being pretty instantaneous, so much that it seemed automatic.

Anyway came to the forums to post about it and saw this thread...any resolution?

Any chance the system simply added it to your list of pro memberships without sending you a notification? (You can check on your You page under the Pro Membership tab.)

I think that I had one added after getting a project featured on Friday, just without the PM or email message. We have been messing with the message protocol and messages themselves, and the timing mostly matches up with the start of these bug reports.

Good news! There's a fix in the works that should resolve all of these issues... once we shoehorn in some other features and fixes before release.

The ideal test case here is someone who has only one featured project and has never received a teacher pro membership or "oops we messed up" service@ pro membership. If you're out there, mythical white buffalo, speak up.

"The ideal test case here is someone who has only one featured project and has never received a teacher pro membership or "oops we messed up" service@ pro membership. If you're out there, mythical white buffalo, speak up."

Travelandeat and Health nut both have 1 'ible and it got featured, neither of them got a PRO membership until I asked Danger to give them one.

Hi, I just happened to come across this forum, and I think I am the "mythical white buffalo" you might be speaking of! I had my first Instructable featured several weeks ago, and have not been given the option to become a pro member. I didn't even know that pro memberships were given away until I came across this forum!

I also don't have the little bronze star icon next to my picture when I write comments. This doesn't make much since to me because my Instructable got featured before I hit 10,000 views, but I have the bronze view icon next to my picture. I do have the bronze featured icon if you view my profile though.

To get the bronze star next to your icon in the forum posts is to have 2 or more 'bles featured.

If you take a close look at the medal you will notice it says 1+, this means 2 or more to get it on your icon.

If you want to know what all the stars and images are you can go to my profile, I have it all on my orangeboard :)

For the pro memberships, the white buffalo isn't as rare as you would think, the membership system is down at the moment so everyone that has a feature 'ible won't get the membership unless they ask for it.

You should contact Danger is my middle (AKA "Danger")name and she should be able to help you.

Please send a message to service@ and someone will take care of this for you. :)

The PRO membership system is down ATM so you will have to contact somone like Danger or MsSweetSatisfaction and they should be able to sort things out.

There have been quite a few people missing out o the membership but just alert one of the managers and they will add it to your list.

Good looking out! To the bugmobile!

I actually can't tell because I have a handful of 3-month pro memberships racked up that I haven't redeemed yet. The Pro Membership page doesn't tell you what date they were awarded on - just the date you started using the active one, so I can't be sure either way.

If you get a PRO membership you will get an email and a PM alerting you that you received one.

You will just have to ask someone with power (like Wilgubeast, MsSweetSatisfaction or Danger is my middle name).

Is my math wrong?

Monthly 12 x $1.95 = 23.40 for one year, 24 X $1.95 = $46.80 for two years

Quarterly 4 x $3.99 = $15.96 for one year, 8 X $3.99 = $31.92 for two years

One time $39.99 for two years is not the best deal. What am I missing?

The 2nd method is $3.99 per month. The fee to be paid on a quarterly basis(every 3 months) is $11.97. You realize that when you go click to sign up and pay.

This is the new common core math curriculum. Best value is to actually make some ibles to get featured or win a contest to get a free pro membership.

Interesting, good pickup!


3 years ago

I think the site may be in the process of an update, I hope the problems are resolved soon!

I have gotten some popular emails as well but they were not featured I was curious about this too.


3 years ago

That is a good question. I usually get them when featured. Maybe a hiccup in the system?