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No "view all" or "next" for comments? NOT COOL Answered

I used that all.the.time. :(


*swoops in, surveys the landscape*

"Sorry for the delay everyone, your issue has been noted and will be fixed by the next available representative."

*Checks the landscape one last time and swoops away*

(but in all seriousness...it'll get fixed soon...and thanks for letting us know!  I loved that button! I like to call it my "spam defender" button.)

I am so so so glad it was not just another poor design decision! :D

No, thank you, SPAMman!

That's nice but not the link I'm talking about. :)

thet gives me "all" with a "next" button. i don't know what you want (if it isn't that)


See my comment to kelseymh - I mean on user profiles. :)


7 years ago

Love the "Related" topics: poo, and muffins. Nice.

Yes, I have found "poo muffins" to be an excellent (relatively) non-offensive expletive. :p

I have found just typing in "Why is this a required field?" works pretty well too.

Where was it? Do you mean the comment threads on individual I'bles? Or something else?

No, I mean on member pages under comments. There's no longer a view all option (which didn't *actually* view all unless you hand-edited the URL...but that's another gripe).

Go to my page, look at comments, then to the right. Next to the 1-250 (or whatever the number is), there's an empty place in my heart where the "view all" button used to be.

I see! That's got to be a bug, because there isn't even a "NEXT" button to see more than the first 10 comments. Do you want to edit the subject/text to cover the missing NEXT as well and move this to Bugs?

Done! I hope it's a bug, and not some lame layout decision...