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Non Milk Cream for allergies Answered

Hello everyone,
I have a peanut like allergy to MILK.. and all its parts, all 35 parts, eg. Whey

A lot of recipes call for Milk, to make cream like cream of Potato & Corn soup, or creamy mashed potatoes. 

There is a vegetable oil based whipping cream that tastes good, but, does not cook at all (I tried)
so what can I do to make creamy soups, stews etc, that call for milk, cream etc.? Soya Milk (just a name) , does not churn into butter or cream very well at all. Unless you use the brand called Silk, which is the best for coming close to the milk feel and taste, but it does not become creamy either. Almond Milk as well does not become creamy, so what to do?

As a side topic, how about Cheese, what is a good substitute for that?

Thanks everyone in advance for at least looking at this topic.


Your welcome.
So you can't go for any dairy?
Not even any alternatives like exotic dairy, such as goat, yak, sheep, lama and buffalo? That's too bad. We have someone in our family like that only not as bad so I know what a pain it is to compromise.

Anyways also you can try to make a roux out of flour of some kind and try that?

Why not try lactose free milk?
There are also cheeses that are lactose free.

If you would like to avoid diary all together, why not use corn starch or something?
At least corn starch will thicken things up.

Hi thanks for responding;

lactose free milk... I have a peanut like allergy, that will put me in the hospital !

I do like the corn starch info, as my last wife always complained whenever I cooked (although everyone else like my cooking, hhmmm ), i am out of practice cooking so will try doing this more as well, thanks.


7 years ago

I haven't figured out anything for making cream soups, etc, either...I do use coconut milk in dessert type recipes, that works for me...I guess I could try using coconut milk in soups, but the coconut flavor might taste different.....As for cheese I don't know what you've used, but this is the recipe I use....Cheese sauce..... 1/2 C nutritional yeast, 1/2 C rice flour, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 1/4 tsp dry mustard (the powder), 2 C water, 1/4 C olive oil,...Mix dry ingredients in a saucepan, then add water...cook on medium heat, mixing continuously till thickened...then boil for 30 seconds more...remove from heat and whip in olive oil...it will thicken more as it cools...it will thin when heated, or you can add a bit of water to thin....I use this for macaroni and cheese, on baked potatoes...etc....

Hello Suzin,
I have never seen this recipe so I will be trying it for sure!

Thanks a bunch,

Just looking around, this http://www.mimiccreme.com/ , or coconut milk? Search for vegan cheese/cream/milk substitutes.  Then again, it may be difficult if you have other allergies to nuts, soy, etc.  Chemical foodstuffs are usually waxy, oil concoctions.  Maybe puree in avacadoes or  waxy beans. Good luck.  

Thank you very much.
I have never heard of this website and it looks interesting. So far as I can tell there is no good cream for cooking substitutes, and I am in Canada, so there is only half of what the US has.

As for the cheese, I just shudder at the thought of the flavour of the last one I tried, though I will keep looking of course.
Thanks again,