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Non-conventional Servo motor gear problems Answered

I have a gear that needs replacing in my radioshack r/c car, since it's from radio shack it isn't conventional at all (has 6 wires coming off of it) i have been trying to find a replacement gear set that would give the specifications of the gears but so far, no dice... i don't want to give up because it was a $100+ car (i know i overpaid) i also have a gear that is the exact size from the servo so i know the dimensions of the broken gear, if you have any suggestions for me that would be great!


ya i was considering doing that but i dont know what method to use


8 years ago

I doubt that Radio Shack actually manufactures your car. Most of the time, they buy them from another manufacturer who makes the car but brands them for Radio Shack.
You might be best served by trying to discover who actually made (probably in China) the car and then searching for a part under that name.Check the car and its servos for branding that may indicate the real manufacturer.
This list might help:

On the back it says custom manufacturer and there aren't any of those acronyms on the car

Do you have any of the original literature or the box that came with the car. There may be something there. Did you take a look at the servos or the motor or look for mold marks on the inner side of the car.
If all of those fail, do as Re-design says, call Radio Shack.

Have you tried getting a part from radio shack?  They can sometimes order parts like that.