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Non-stop Train Prototype Answered

A train that doesn't ever stop or slow down? Sounds ridiculous (ly efficient). This design is a pretty interesting take on the concept, though liability issues and real-world feasibility will probably keep this from ever making it past the drawing board.




10 years ago

i know the whole train never stops but it "throws" the back wagon to stop and leave the ppl

What did you say??!!!

i said this : (removed by poster)

Wow! Such strong language from such a youngster. It's good you removed it. My virgin ears couldn't handle that kind of talk!

lol :D no i just asked how they would get on the train, but then i clicked the link and it said that it actually wouldn't work so then my comment was irrelevant so i deleted it :P

This looks awesome!


10 years ago

Presumably the train stops every once in a while (at the ends of the track, or maybe once per lap if it's a loop), this just means the train doesn't have to stop at every station. If someone's having a baby they get off like everyone else does, and use the massive deceleration of the boarding "shuttle" to assist with delivery like a baby centrifuge...

hahahahh "to assist with delivery" :D

You know that noise when you stick your finger in your mouth and POP it out? Yeah, the one you just did... that's how I imagine it sounding :D

Hahahaha pplop!!! waaaaaaa :D