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Not a bug, but... Answered

Years ago I am seeing a feature of Instructables that works bad (IMHO):  I will try to explain it with my "yes bwana" English, please tell me if you don't understand any expression.

The publishing date and time is apparently the only used to register and ordering instructables. But there is in reality another date-time, those of showing in the web page, after the revision process. When I choose ALL RECENT daily (my default option, many times each day), I see the last instructables showed in the page, until I see others previously seen.  That method shows almost all new instructables, since there are eventually others that where published a day or two before today, and they are some pages below. but showed today.  

In fact, some my instructable has been showed one or two days after its publishing, and it was possibly missing by many persons.

I still think Instructables is one of  the better (or the best) managed site in the web, but this features is a little annoying, because it forces me to look some days back, to avoid lost some very interesting thing. That happened to me more than once.

The solution is conceptually easy, I don't know how hard it is technically:

  • To add to the database the showing_date_time as an attribute of each instructable, and ordering RECENT by that date-time.

It is not valid to replace "date-published", because that date-time is essential in case of authorship dispute.

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killerjackalope (author)2012-04-11

On a similar line I've noticed that sometimes, it seems to be fairly random - some instructables go through review and appear at the top of the recent instructables (roughly) and some slot in further down.

It seems to relate to entering them in contests with reviewed entry.

I only notice this because I always like to see my published instructable on the recent page to make sure I did publish...

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Has not happened to you that someone posted something that interests you see, but did not see that day? And you find out weeks later, accidentally.

I enter Instructables many times each day, I review older posts too, but that has happened more than three times.

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Yeah I've missed a lot of projects that way, I scan the recent pretty regularly so I do see most things...

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mikeasaurus (author)2012-04-10

I'm not sure I understand.
You would like to see an 'original publish date' and a 'revision date'?

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rimar2000 (author)mikeasaurus2012-04-11

Not necessarily, because that means an overabundance of information that can be disturbing. What I suggest is that the system record both dates, but in order to show the instructables sorted by date, take the revision date instead of publishing date.

Thanks for your concern, Mike!

In Spanish, just in case:
No necesariamente, porque eso significaría un exceso de información que puede ser molesto. Lo que yo sugiero es que el sistema registre ambas fechas, pero para mostrar los Instructables ordenados por fecha, tome la fecha de revisión en lugar de la fecha de publicación.

Gracias por ocuparte del tema, Mike!

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mikeasaurus (author)rimar20002012-04-11

I think I understand now, thanks for clarifying. Sorting by revision date could be interesting, but what if everyone just made a small edit every day on one of their projects. Then it would show up as the first project of the day, everyday, even though it's old content; thereby gaming the system.

I'm thinking about this idea some more, thanks for the feedback.

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rimar2000 (author)mikeasaurus2012-04-12

I did not know that small corrective editions also passed review. I'm giving the boys a lot of work if it is, because I often do grammar corrections or add things that I omitted to say the first time. Maybe in that cases the revision date should not change.

Anoher point: I think an instructable can belong to more than one category. Example: metalworking, safety, workshop. Is true that categories are mistaked often with key words...

Thanks newly!

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