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Not getting notified when comments are made on my Instructables Answered

Although a while back I was being notified of comments on my Instructables, they have now stopped.

I have checked the Email Settings and

Notify me when someone comments on my work or replies to comments I've made

is set to Daily and my email address is correct,

What have I missed?


Ive also stopped receiving notifications of instructable comments and community topics and questions.

I haven't gotten an email in months. I don't think it is related to the update.

I also have been having trouble with the following system. I can't seem to follow anyone anymore. It works for a few days, but then they dissapear from my following feed, and are marked as not followed.

Of late instructables has come out with a few weird quirks. Hopefully while they're updatin' stuff they fix this.

Pretty much what he said. I can follow certain people, but not others, and I don't get notified for comments.
Not sure if this was caused by the new format, or if it was going on before. Does anyone know?

The emails got broken soon after the recent update; I last got one on Jan 30

I joined Instructables 3-4 montgs ago and didn't even know there was a notification for this. I never get notified.


Had the same issue for a long while (1..2 years), but finally emailed service(at)instructables about it and in a few days it was resolved :)