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Not needing root access to mount drives? Answered

I have been using sshfs (mounting SFTP servers) with MacFUSE on my Mac Mini (Snow Leopard). When I mount an SSH server, I can do it without having to be root, and i'm fine. My friend, on the other hand, tries to mount my SSH server, and it says access denied. He then runs the mount as root and it works fine. The issue with running as root though, makes it not accessible by Finder. He's an administrator on his computer (which is Snow Leopard on a MacBook (White)).

How can he mount it as himself (his account)?



8 years ago

Well, I don't use a Mac but I do use a Linux OS and since both are based on the Unix OS, I'll bet the processes are pretty close.
If I were trying to diagnose the problem in Linux, my first thought would be that it is a permissions based issue.
Log  in as root and check the permissions and make sure that designated users, or all, have permission to mount the server. I don't know the specific steps to do so with a Mac, but if you or your friend don't know how, do as RD suggested and check out a Mac forum for details.

Join a Mac forum where your question will be seen by 100's or 1000's of users who use the same equipments as you and are more likely to have an answer.  

I don't know how many people here who will see your question has a mac but I'll be few do. 

Not knowing much about this specific system, I'd say it needs for a system process to mount the drive automatically. Does that sound like something that the two of you could do?