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Not so much a question but an observation.? Answered

I've been a member of the Instructables community since 2008 and while not a prolific producer, I have published a few ibles. I am, however, an avid reader of all the tutorials that get published here,(what a wonderful community of sharing folks we have here). I have always approached my tutorials with the philosophy of sharing my processes in a way that anyone could reproduce what I have done with the most basic of tools and skill sets. I believe this fundamental approach needs to be re-enforced amongst the contributing members from time to time in a fun and positive way.Perhaps in a contest or challenge.

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jessyratfinkBest Answer (author)2017-03-27

This is definitely something the staff has been discussing for years! I'm sure you noticed we did away with the "photo" and "video" instructable types a while back in order to encourage more quality content. I think that's been pretty successful, honestly. :D

However, that being said: we've all pretty much decided that not every instructable needs to be 100% reproducible with simple tools. There are so many amazing projects (both professional and amateur) that folks have posted that may not be easily reproduced, and they're incredible inspiration for our community.

Most of the instructables like that seem to be documented after-the-fact instead of during the build process, so it can be harder for the author to show everything, but we do still expect it to be well explained!

(Though I do have to admit a well-documented and easily reproduced instructable will almost always have the upper hand when it comes to newsletter features and contest finalists. We love those!)

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